Challenges Faced By An Entrepreneur In The Indian Grooming Industry

The change in the startup scene in the grooming industry has made the scenario quite interesting

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Grooming industry is in its ever-growing phase! With more and more brands entering into the grooming sector, the Indian market is now changing with extensive growth and opportunities. Though this industry sounds lucrative, it has its own set of challenges which makes it extremely competitive. Today startups and entrepreneurs are emerging in the Indian market.


The growing awareness amongst the customers, the potential growth of the industry and the change in the startup scene in the grooming industry has made the scenario quite interesting. It’s noteworthy that social media has made the scene even more diverse. When getting into a new business one should be ready for the challenges & opportunities coming their way. Here are some key challenges which an entrepreneur faces while starting up a new business in the grooming sector:

Stiff competition

Every industry has its own set of established brands that exist in the market from the start. Competition is one such thing that nobody can escape from, however grooming industry is already crowded with traditional firms and brands already in existence. There are many challenges for an entrepreneur to start a business and make it grow really well in the same industry, even after having so many competitions in the market. Building up to that reputation and maintaining it while having so many brands reaching out to the customers & targeting with the same products is a really tough job for any brand.

Huge investment

Starting up a new business is one thing which requires a lot of capital. Being a new entrepreneur in any industry takes a lot to get the business started. There are many entrepreneurs who have great ideas, great strategies, but they lack in the funding so for that they need investors. Getting an investor to invest in a new business startup, the entrepreneur needs to show a plan for potential success. Getting an investor to invest in a new business is difficult, as the investor needs to trust the company’s loyalty and get returns within a short time span of 3-5 years. The investor wants the entrepreneur to make sure that the product of the company is taking up in the market really fast.

Quality standards

Everyone is beauty conscious today. When we talk about ‘grooming’, everyone wants any sort of cosmetic or any grooming product from a reputed brand. The key to success for a company building is to set and maintain the high standards. A company cannot excel in everything so the entrepreneur needs to think and gauge where genuinely his plans fit-in especially when it’s a startup, to set a quality standard at the starting only and to be able to maintain it.

Trust Building with customers

For any new business or startup, it’s very difficult to enter the market and make it grow really soon. There are many challenges for an entrepreneur to start a business and make it grow really well in the industry even after having so many competitors in the market. For an entrepreneur dealing with the competitions and overcoming them is one thing which needs potential. A good business cannot be built without overcoming the challenges, no matter how good the business is at marketing, but one has to have that enthusiasm to build a business which grows really well in the market even after facing stiff competition.

In conclusion, with more awareness and knowledge, the grooming and wellness industry could see a rise in the near future. Day after day, the challenges are rising and in the coming future, the main test for wellness and grooming brands will be to retain their customer base and maintain good quality standards.

Sargam Dhawan

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Sargam Dhawan is a young and dynamic director at Paul Penders. Her business acumen is the culmination of her industry experience, hands-on professional knowledge and leadership skills.

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