Spearheading the Social Media Movement

From the tourism industry to politics, there isn't a sector that is not influenced or trapped by the blanket of social media hence we need to address the sector diligently.

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Social Media Summit is a massive national movement started to connect people, content and extended conversations around emerging trends in India, importantly social media which is now one of world's biggest medium to communicate, promote and develop individually as a community. Social media is the way of the world now. Today, it is spearheading the communication sector and its need is that the world today cannot operate without it.

Social Media Summit

The summit had an overall delegation of 1000+ attendees with over 250+ social media influencers, 60 C-level Executives, 500+ Special Invitees, Teams from leading corporate in India, Over 50+ Startup teams, students and social media awards nominees. The summit saw big names such as cricketer VVS Laxman, actress Swara Bhaskar, Hon. Minister for Skill Development and Youth Sports, Kollu Ravindra in attendance among many others.

Social Media: The Inseparable Norm of Today

The summit saw panel discussions on myriad issues related to social media that are floating among the millennials and the world at large. While some speakers including IAS Himanshu Shukla highlighted that social media is an important tool for generations today and those to come, VVS Laxman argued that while virtual gaming is the norm of the day, playing on roads and fields is an experience for all to cherish.

The reach of this online platform is not just limited to gaming, communication but it is also impacting the way society functions. The tourism industry, social movements, entrepreneurship, start-up ecosystem, politics, in short, there isn't a sector that is not influenced or trapped by the blanket of social media.

Not Without a Cause

Indian actress Swara Bhaskar, known for being vocal about her opinions elucidated the role of social media in making an impact in the society. She said, "I'm one such person who never shied away talking about anything on social media. As I believe social media is a powerful tool if used in a proper way." She further added that social media has helped her burst the bubble that celebrities in the film industry often get trapped in.

"When I am selling a story, a fiction I should be aware of where it is coming from, I should be completely aware of worldly issues because cinema is a pure reflection of the society. Stories come from society." In the wake campaigns such as #MeToo, we clearly have seen how much reach and expansion an online platform provides.

Social Media Rise

Initially, a set category of the community would get attention and recognition. Today, a normal bourgeoisie family or individual is able to express and send waves across, all thanks to the advent of social media. Aprameya Radha Krishna, Founder & CEO of Vokal said "Vernacular is the new content style. TV era is slowly fading away. In countries like China, farmers are the famous live streamers. Their lifestyle, singing while working is a treat to watch."

However all said and done, one of the most important aspects of social media that were highlighted in the event was content. "One video going viral doesn't make the channel sustainable. Content matters" said Deepak Ramola, founder of ProjectFuel. Thus reminding us that the old proverb, "content is the king" holds true today and eternally.