6 Tips for Budding Women Entrepreneurs in the Interior Design Space

The best way to find an ingenuity could be to step beyond the natural boundaries of designing and creativity and get in touch with nature to create alluring home designs

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Creating an awe-inspiring ambience demands a passionate mind. With the flair of innovative thinking and designing, one can reach a pinnacle in the interior designing field. Embellishing a space without a strategy is like cooking without a recipe, which could end with an issue. In order to save time, money, and efforts, it is advisable to carefully plan before implementing, especially when you are an aspiring women entrepreneur in the interior designing world.


The following tips would definitely help women entrepreneurs who have the love of interior designing:

Art of listening- Listening works very well! To become a successful interior designer, it is necessary to listen to the client’s needs and the styles they want. A thorough understanding is a fundamental part of delivering a successful project. You need to become an expert in the art of listening. The client’s point of view guides you to work in a certain direction and also helps in improving the skill set for betterment and satisfaction.

Never hesitate to start from the small- To reach the top, everyone has to start from the bottom. A small project of basement renovation could be your first big break. You never know, these small projects could lead you to more work and client referrals. Building long-term relationships would help in surviving and maintaining goodwill in the marketplace, for any domain.

Look for inspiration in everything- A lot of established places and objects can inspire you a lot. By exploring new horizons, you could experiment with your styles. The wonder of innovation could be breathtaking and might do magic for your next project. All kinds of art forms such as paintings and sketches may create an inspiring visual impact. The best way to find an ingenuity could be to step beyond the natural boundaries of designing and creativity and get in touch with nature to create alluring home designs.

Networking is a must- The market is full of competition and networking has become very crucial to build a decent reputation for any business. Riding on the wave of positive feedbacks would help in finding more customers in the digital or offline market. A simple website with some of your work and business cards can help in expanding the social network and increase brand visibility. Therefore, it is advisable to establish your online presence as well, to get an optimized exposure of the market.

Take your time and be confident- Belief in yourself! Take your time to design and deliver, no matter the budget and space you are working with. Color, lighting, ambience and functionality are the most important things to make a project right, and it requires patience. Take your own time to meet the client’s perception for a greater satisfaction. Don’t make rushed decisions and you would become more confident in your decision-making ability.

Keep yourself updated with new products, trends, and materials- In order to sustain in such a highly aggressive market, it is important to have a keen eye on the latest products, trends, and materials. Improvise with industry news and developments. The emerging trends in the decor sector, latest furniture designs, and contemporary yet traditional themes would help you to conquer the world of interior designing.

The interior designing business is not an easy place to acquire prominence. With the above-mentioned tips, you can definitely emerge as a successful interior designer and mark your presence in this competitive market.

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Kuntal is an interior designer who graduated from the reputed Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture, Pune. With 10 years of professional work experience, she started her career by working with big designing firms and started her own firm later on. Apart from interior designing, she has also studied electronics engineering from Nagpur University and is a certified Lighting Designer from Milan NABA. She is also a Reiki Grand Master and a certified Access Bar Consciousness Practitioner. These Spiritual practices help her understand client’s requirement with a deeper perspective and hence offering her best to human spaces.