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Making Time

Support the 1<font size=1><sup>1</sup>/<sub>2</sub></font>-income household. When workers deserve raises, offer them time instead.

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The end of the 20th century saw significant changes in the way we work. Perhaps the biggest was the movement toward the two- . No longer was dad working and mom staying with the kids. Instead, both adults worked. As a result, we all ended up totally time-deprived, and the "currency" of the day shifted to time more than . The family meal went from one hour to six minutes. The vacation went from two weeks to a weekend getaway. (Europeans still have four weeks; now that's living!) New service industries-from dog walkers to personal shoppers-showed up on the radar screen . . . and reaped great success.

Twenty or so years into this phenomenon, we're seeing new evolutionary shifts. Many two-income families are now 11/2-income families. One of the two earners in the household continues to focus more energy on his or her work, striving to obtain above-inflation raises, merit increases and promotions-anything to push the household income as fast as it can to higher levels.

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