5 Strategies to Boost Career in 2019

With a streak of positivity and focus on better emoluments, you need to make certain lifestyle changes and stick to a better regime.

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At the dawn of New Year, you are abuzz with fresh hopes and aspirations. You and your family set new resolutions to improve your personal life. Have you thought of New Year resolutions to give your career a quick start? You have been doing just well at work front. Why don’t you analyze your past year and career graph and plan your moves so that 2019 gives you an upper edge over colleagues and competitors? Assess all that was good and not-so-good and let the past year be a stepping stone for culminating vows to make the New Year a beautiful one.


Here are 5 practical gambits which will help you outshine at work and carve a successful career graph:

1. Networking and Meeting New People
You have been hustled in your cocoon and working too hard behind the laptop screen. Now is the time to meet new people and create a network to showcase your talent as well as seek more contacts. Joining relevant networks and organizations helps you learn new facts as you move ahead.

Sakun Aggarwal, CEO of Jungle Hut states, “Being a part of business organizations helps in maintaining contacts and generates business directly or indirectly. If you are a part of a networking organization or among like-minded professionals, you will land up honing your skills, learning something new and cashing on new opportunities.”
So gear up and come out of the office cubicle and build on useful contacts with substantial networking.

2. De-clutter and Start Afresh

A famous saying- ‘New Year, new hopes, new aspirations await us’ is so true. So let this New Year begin with cleaning and de-cluttering all that is around you- your desk, your drawers, your laptop and your phone memory. Spare time and see what is useful and what can be deleted without any remorse.

“Deleting unwanted or obsolete data helps de-clutter your gadgets. This saves time looking for information in case of emergency. It makes life easier hunting for data and helps organize the data and figures”, suggests Varun Takkar, MD of Viraat Textiles. Sakun also seconds de-cluttering as a way to organize your life professionally as well as personally.

3. Stress Relieving Strategies

This New Year, work towards improving your efficiency and hence stress removal. Stress builds mental block and annihilation of stress will help you to think of fresh and novel ideas or solutions to a problem. You will be able to focus better and strategize better leading to higher efficiency and output.

Ayush Jain, Founder of MyStudyDestination.com suggests, “Anything from a brisk morning walk, yoga, joining a Zumba class or a cooking class can be your stress alleviator. Indulging in any of the stress-busting activities daily can help channelize the mind and energies constructively into more productive and innovative ideas. What better than targeting physical as well as mental fitness at the same time!”

4. Time Management

Most of the things fall apart when you are not able to meet the deadlines timely. This has been happening because you haven’t been framing a well-timed schedule. This year meticulously plan a schedule where you start your day early. Famous business tycoons swear by the ‘early to bed and early to rise’ routine, where they say getting up early helps you plan judiciously and render a longer work day too.

“You can incorporate quality family time along with ample focus on all chores if you systematically plan your day. Having a well-planned day means more than half the jobs already accomplished,” says Ashish Gupta, CEO of Reva enterprises.

5. Follow your Instincts and Hone your Skills

You constantly need to evolve given that you have to survive and propel in the dynamic corporate world. For this, joining a hobby class or honing the requisite skills like joining a language class or a computer program can be really beneficial to your skill set. Revving up your skill set is mandatory if you have to climb the ladder and let this New Year be the perfect time to unleash your negativities and flaws.


Let 2019 be the year where you work in full swing to accomplish your professional targets. With a streak of positivity and focus on better emoluments, you need to make certain lifestyle changes and stick to a better regime. Focus on your health and the professional goals in the same light. 2019 will definitely show you a mounting graph if you aim in the right direction.