3 Little Changes That Put Your Mental Health First

Concentration on the mental wellbeing should be the top priority and hence explore the subject

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In the fast-paced world that we live in, it is highly unlikely that our minds are not occupied with something. Health not only constitutes physical health but also constitutes mental health.


As we develop certain habits that allow us to maintain our physical health like regular exercise or playing a sport, there are certain habits that we can develop to maintain our mental health as well.

Let us look at 3 little changes that we can make that put our mental health first.

1. Living in “Now”:

It is often noticed that our thoughts stray either towards incidents in the past or an anticipated future. Thinking about either the past or the future may not help much. The fact remains that there is no rewind button to undo the past and what is to happen will happen when it has to.

There is not much that we can do about these two, however, there is definitely something that we can do about the “now” that we are in. Most things that are present in the now are in our control to an extent. In fact, what we do in the “now” may also determine how the future may pan out.

The interesting part which most of us may miss out, if we are caught up in thinking about either the past or the future is the fact that thinking about what is in the present can help us feel calm and more empowered as we are able to influence some control and change in the event that is occurring thus helping our mental health.

2. Being Aware of Things that we can do in a Situation:

In every situation that we encounter, there are certain things that are beyond our control and then there are certain things that are within our control.

Even if we try to pursue the things that are beyond our control it wouldn’t lead us anywhere but may make us feel distressed. For example, when people may not behave in the way we desire them to behave, we may feel angry at them.

Reminding ourselves that other’s behaviour is beyond our control can help us feel less angry.

When we are aware of this we are able to focus on the things that are within our control and only do those things in the given situation which would help us feel a sense of satisfaction of trying our best.

3. Indulging in “me” Time:

Even painting can allow us to have that valuable time that we can spend with ourselves.  This “me” time provides us with that little breathing space so that we are able to gather ourselves and then continue with our day.

Making these 3 little changes can help us maintain our mental health in a consistent manner, however, we can always seek professional help if required.