Passion to Keep Entrepreneurs Alive through Thick and Thin

For an entrepreneur with an envisioned dream, passion becomes the oxygen that keeps them going all the time

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If you are planning to become an entrepreneur or if you are already one, you need things of several kinds that vary from one another depending on the nature and the kind of business. However, there is one thing that is common and the most essential for all the entrepreneurs. It is passion.


An entrepreneur without a drop of passion will supposedly get stuck in a state of a cul-de-sac. Passion, which is the willingness and strength of achieving what you want to do, is the driving force that boosts an entrepreneur to go through troubled waters and reach the desired objective.

Being risk-ready is a concept entrepreneurs keep pondering upon. But being comprehensively risk-ready is not conceivable. However, your ardent passion will definitely keep you ready to combat risks. “Focus on your passion. Nothing else matters,” mentions Blake Mucoskie, co-founder & CEO of Toms Shoes.

How can it be helpful in climbing up the ladder of your desired success?

  • Vision

When you are passionate about the business you want to establish, you will be able to envision the things that you are essentially seeking. Once you decide what you want to seriously pursue for the next several years, you gear up for it. “It is important to know your passion. You have to decide what you wouldn’t mind doing for the next 15-20 years. Every entrepreneur should choose a particular industry based on their level of passion,” says Keshav Baljee, the Managing Director of Spree Hotels.

You may belong or hail from a background that is completely alien to you. But if your desire to bag something you have been longing for a long time, it is time to chisel it into reality. Baljee explains, “My passion spiralled from the family background of hospitality I have. So, despite the different educational background I have, the lure of hospitality industry brought me back to the industry."

  • Responsible and Organized

When you care about something inside out, you automatically get very organized and make careful & responsible decisions. You get watchful about every step that you take and every decision that you make.

  • Dodging Bullets

Amit Gupta, the co-founder of Yulu Bikes and InMobi believes that when you are an entrepreneur running your own start-up, you can’t be selectively responsible for your company. He says, “You will be collectively in-charge of your business as a whole. Now, if you are not passionate enough, you won’t be mentally equipped enough to deter the challenges. Passion not only makes you risk-ready but also opportunity ready.”

“I have had been through some really tough time in the past years as the industry was going through certain turmoil, however, passion kept me going,” adds Baljee.

It gives you the strength to find positivity amidst all the negativity as it is the envisioned dream that you are chasing. Like Baljee points out, “Despite the challenges, it was a period of great learning for me. I was learning something new every new day. At the same time, Spree Hotel was getting a shape of my DNA and I got my stamp of doing things my way.”