Points To Consider Before Purchasing A Franchise In 2019

Franchising has its own challenges that need to be dealt with in order to grow big as a franchising brand

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With the increasing business opportunities in India and globally, the rise and dominance of the franchise model is no more an unfamiliar thing. Many entrepreneurs and startup owners are seen opting for the franchising model for expanding their business nationally and globally.


Franchising could look an easy option for providing your business a swift push towards expansion and success, but it’s not a cup of tea for everyone. Franchising has its own challenges that need to be dealt with in order to grow big as a franchising brand.

Franchising in India is now evolving from the nascent stage, as it recently recorded a 30 percent growth rate with a market size of USD around 7.2 billion that makes it the 2nd fastest growing industry nationally and globally.

Gaurav Marya, Chairman, Franchise India shares, “The franchise industry in India is today estimated to be at USD 47-48 billion.” And going by recent trends, it seems that this figure is only set to rise in the future.”

Bigger Paycheck Improving the Financial Health

Establishing a franchise business could be a daunting task, especially for your franchisees and entrepreneurs. Therefore, it’s necessary to have extra income in the bag for paying down debt and creating a reserve of cash before launching your franchise.

Aspiring franchisees should be familiar with how to utilize the advantage of different finance options. Especially, as a young franchisee, you need a lot of capital that could generate assurance for getting your loan approved by various lenders.

Explore Opportunities

As the economy of our country is often experiencing a roller coaster ride, Indians could be seen taking advantage of their paid vacations, looking for business opportunities constantly. Young entrepreneurs and aspiring franchisees could spend their time exploring several business opportunities, getting to know the insights of businesses currently running successfully in India.

Exploring opportunities could provide you with a chance to learn about business ownership followed by types of businesses your community could utilize.

Inputs from Friends & Families and Start your Franchise Business

The discussion is a vital step before starting your franchise business. Discussing your next move with your family and friends while generating a good income ensures a calm and relaxing journey in future along with ensuring success in the past and present.  

And the first step towards starting a franchise business is the most difficult. It’s recommended to write down a few business ideas that could help your business goals along with finding people to discuss your thoughts.

After check-listing these things, mark a date on the calendar and go start your franchise business.

This article was originally written by Shahram Warsi.