Are You Struggling to Reach your Goals?

Simply following others or deciding the targets based on exterior purposes will leave you in the lurch and never give you a sense of accomplishment

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Dreams, goals, aspirations, passion and inner calling are all synonymous terms. They can be used interchangeably. Napoleon Hill quotes, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” There are lakhs of people who wake up planning, but only a few reach the destination.


What happens when you are not able to reach the target? You are bound to feel frustrated, agitated, let down and gloomy. However, there are reasons why the target couldn’t be achieved. Here are a few reasons which explain as to why you had to struggle to reach your goal:

1.   Believe in Yourself

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’

You have to keep the faith in you stronger with each step taken backward. There will be tough days, rainy days and days full of exasperation when you see the goal being unachievable. But you have to believe in yourself. Self-confidence is the key to keep pacing two steps forward when the direction has taken you a step backward. Anil Aggarwal, CEO of Parveen Brick Kiln strongly recommends having faith in one’s abilities, no matter how far the target is. He says, “Self-confidence is the best outfit you can adorn and gleam in even if you see darkness around you. Irrespective of the distance from your final destination, you must never give up.”

Parveen Daryani, CEO of A & A Business Consultancy also says, “Never be overwhelmed that the task is too difficult, the target is too far or the process of goal accomplishment is too tough. Keep going with faith in your abilities and confidence in your vision.”

2.      Focus on the Main Goal

Sometimes you focus too much on the nitty-gritty of the events that you start deviating from the main goal. This deviation increases the duration and distance from the main goal and delays the tasks further. Stay focused on the main target and continue going with the right spirit.

3.    Plan and Implement

Each time you envisage a goal, break it into actionable small goals. Charter adequate time for each sub-goal and completion of these sub-goals will give you the motivation and sense of fulfillment to work for the main task.

Sachin Jain, Director Girnar Global, says, “Dividing and sub-dividing the main goals gives you smaller and easily achievable sub-goals. A goal without proper planning is a boat without radar, a trip without an itinerary, a party without the venue. Divide and plan your goals with a step-by-step approach.”

4.   Do not Trust People Blindly

This is one thing you must always keep in mind that it is your goal and your vision and others will not be able to perceive it in the same light as you. So do not be blindfolded when you entrust someone with a task. Make sure you keep a continual check and monitor the progress so that the main task does not suffer.

Ashish Gupta, CEO of Reva Enterprises says, “Trusting people blindly will alienate the efficiency and purpose of the goal. Do cross-check when you delegate the work and take the feedback regularly.”

5.   Is it your passion?

You will struggle to reach a target if it is not your inner calling. The goals you set must be driven out of passion and not any monetary benefits or bandwagon effect. You will be able to do it with zeal and enthusiasm only if the purpose aligns with your passion.

Perminder Singh Malik, CEO of Rapid Skillz says, “Follow your heart and understand what you are meant for. Simply following others or deciding the targets based on exterior purposes will leave you in the lurch and never give you a sense of accomplishment.”

The Bottom line:

Are you giving up? Are you feeling low because you cannot attain your targets?

Simply abide by your heart and plan and set achievable targets to reach the goal. With complete faith in your abilities, you are bound to reach the epitome of success. Just keep going!