Top 10 Lessons To Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Thinking beyond a certain point or overthinking is mostly demotivating, so decide and set your thought boundaries

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Entrepreneurship is not everybody’s cup of tea. It’s only for the more strong-hearted who are willing to take risks and challenges in life. Having said that, if you feel you have a certain talent that is unique to you, coupled with some level of risk appetite, then you can take the entrepreneurial road to the destination of success.

1.  “The First Step” is the key

My first advice to all aspiring entrepreneurs is to fearlessly take the first step. With the first step, you win half the battle. None of us is born with a treasure box. So by following our passion what is it that we lose? Nothing. All fears and apprehensions are only in our mind. Overcome that. Also, it is your “ Will” that would convert your thoughts into actions, so nurture and strengthen it. Thinking beyond a certain point or overthinking is mostly demotivating. So decide and set your thought boundaries.

2. Start With A Very Small Team

The team does not refer to the number of people, rather it refers to the mental clarity and strength which is upheld. Hence, according to me, even one person is a team. So have a small, cohesive, strong, minimalistic team which doesn’t contribute much to the cost but has a huge impact on growth. As you grow this team continues as the Core Team of the company.

3. Respect Difference of Opinion

Difference of opinion would always arise between core team members. Do not take these personally against each other. Adopt a more holistic, matured ( as against drastic ) approach towards such differences and tread the path that is in the company's benefit, even if is against your will.

4. Build The Right Culture

As the key torchbearer of the company, spend the time to build the right culture. Whether you’ve built a 2 people company or a 1000 people company, it has to be culturally built on a strong foundation.

4. Power of Technology

Optimal use of technology can help your business grow leaps and bounds and make expansion much simpler. But don’t forget, technology changes much faster than us & hence, regular, ongoing, self-driven, research & training is imperative.

5. Keep Your Team Motivated

A motivated team is a successful team. Hence, keep your team energised and motivated through regular interactions. Also, pick your team members carefully, train them diligently and keep envisioning them with your farsightedness. In your core team, ensure that you are fostering future leaders and not aiming at a one-man army.

6. A Solution Driven Approach

Consciously adopt a solution driven approach. Keep your business energised through the power of positive thinking. The highlight, share and appreciate positive thoughts and actions with everybody as much as possible.

7. Nothing Is The End of The World

Condition your mind to be a fighter and not get bogged down by interim failures. It is the lessons learnt and the overall graph that matters.

8. Celebrate the Smallest of Successes

Celebrate every small achievement. While they may appear small, they go a long way in building a successful culture in the organization.

9. Create Systems & Procedures

In your journey, spend the time to create systems and procedures for every activity. What we call the “Standard Operating Procedures. They make expansion much simpler. And also, they help in creating an ORGANISATION viz a  company.

10. Build Your Network

Long term sustenance of business only happens through your network. Hence, diligently allocate some part of your day purely towards building your network.