Know The Smart Question That These 3 Entrepreneurs Ask While Hiring

Founders share one go-to interview query they ask in a successful hiring process that helped them hire intelligently

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Mayank Bhangadia | CEO & Co-founder, Roposo


“Since our initial phase of business to this day, here’s an important question that we’ve always asked all job interviewees: ‘Tell us one thing that you like and one thing that you don’t like about our app.’ While the former response helps us understand if the candidate has really engaged on our platform and appreciates what we do, the latter part of the answer helps us gauge a person’s honesty, maturity level and analytical skills. We seek an interesting, honest input that should come basis their engagement on the app and the overall understanding of the industry. In our experience, the candidates who answer this question properly are the ones who are not on a random job-hopping spree, but are there to stay with us in our journey and help us grow exponentially.”

Zishaan Hayath | CEO & Founder, Toppr

 “In an ed-tech company, where we personalize learning for students, we don’t believe in standard interview questions. We do test every potential hire on culture fitment. We pose questions that are based on our values of integrity, efficiency, openness, empathy, among others. Their answers help us understand if their personal principles are aligned with the company’s values. For example: innovation is high on our list of values, because we find new and better ways to help children. So one of the questions could be, ‘What do you excel in within or outside your scope of work?’ We want to see if a candidate is passionate, self aware and seeks excellence and innovation in what they love doing. This gives us an idea of their potential and willingness to go above and beyond.”

Rahul Garg | Founder & CEO, Moglix

“When I started Moglix in 2015, mediocrity was not an option. I was convinced about building India’s largest and fastest growing B2B commerce company and thus, hiring the right talent was a must. My focus was to find candidates who are self-motivated, come from a reputed institute, have prior experience in technology/ manufacturing and are willing to learn and scale-up while developing out of the box offerings for the manufacturing sector. To check if the person is fearless we ask our candidates what one tough decision they have made till date and what compelled them to take such a decision?”