#5 Apps That Will Help You Manage Your Money Better

Remember the famous proverb – drop by drop you can fill the pitcher?

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Personal finance is a tricky game. However, with the help a good financial advisor, you will be in a position to manage your investment.


Having said that when it comes to smaller goals – like the solo trip you want to take or the favourite phone you want to buy - how do you save for it while tracking your day to day expense and remember all your mobile banking passwords?

Here are 5 apps that will help handle your money 10x better:


Wizely claims to be India’s first saving app.

The app has tied up with more than 200 brands for users to spend their saving on.

Wizely has about three saving plans option - saving plan, flexi plan and pre-book plans which are linked to the user’s goals and helps you earn extra value, which adds up like your bank interest. 

With the saving plan, you can start saving for a dedicated purpose. While with flexi plans, save every day in flexible amounts up to you and earn a scratch card.

Additionally, with pre-book plan, users can pay a pre-book fee and save for a dedicated purchase and earn maximum extra value.


This app claims to be a piggy bank in your hand. Additionally, it also helps you plan and budget your savings.

All you have to do is build a goal on the app, allocate a budget and start saving for it.

The app also allows users to add a link or a picture to the goal which helps them stay motivated in achieving the desired goals.


Using data analytics, Walnut scans through your phone’s inbox to track your monthly spends while it helps you stay within budget. In other words, it helps you understand where, when and how you spend.

Additionally, the app supports about 40 banks which allow users to check balances and understand their credit dues.

If you are a loyal user of the app, it also upgrades you to Walnut Prime – which gives you access to credit lines for emergency and larger expenses.


Every time you go out on a trip with your college friends or for a grand lunch with your work pals, apart from choosing the place, the second biggest task is splitting the expense.

The expense should be divided equally and you need to follow up rigorously to recover your money – which honestly is a pain.

This is when Splitwise comes in handy. The app helps you understand how much you owe others and vice-a-versa allowing you to plan better and recover your dues.  

LastPass Password Manager

If you are wondering, what is a password manager adding up to this list. Think again.

All of us have access to at least two-three banking accounts apps, one digital wallet and UPI-based app. This is just the finance apps on your mobile phone. How about numerous e-commerce and food delivery accounts we hold wherein all of us blindly save our banking details?  

All of these accounts are ‘generally’ believed to be secured with unique passwords. But how many passwords will you remember? Don’t tell us that you are planning to write it down somewhere!

LastPass not just helps you save user ids along with passwords, but also help you create a unique set of it. All you have to do is only remember your LastPass master password.

The app claims that it never has the key to your encrypted data and their vault is encrypted with bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption.