Apps – The Synonym of Modern Day Businesses

The introduction of apps has been a boon to businesses big and small, encouraging more businesses to join the country's entrepreneurial ventures

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In the age of digitization where everything and everyone is online – people are getting more reliant on apps. Apps and hashtags are ruling the internet. Be it browsing or posting on social media, shopping, booking appointments for doctor or beauty services and home deliveries, the world turns to smartphones to avail services through their apps. They are the proven boon in the e-commerce domain.

Brand Extensions

Apps are brand extensions. Without them, a company looking to be a part of the potential $10 trillion economy, will not get far in the evolving marketplace. Today, apps have become your first point of contact for users to buy, gather information and generally seek assistance. This is how Sachin Dev Duggal, Founder & CEO, views the importance of apps in today’s world. Adding further he said, “Similarly, from a corporate point of view, apps have become important to find leads, manage stocks and manage payments, for example. Think how important Slack, Basecamp, Skype and Salesforce have become to business today.”

Apps to Retain Customers

Apps are the cutting-edge doorway to the world of businesses. They have connected thriving and small businesses with their prospective customers from all across the world in one place. Without apps, businesses in this century will get pretty handicapped. The necessity of having a physical store to earn the status of an established brand has been practically wiped out as we keep seeing brands with or without physical stores making it big in their respective sectors.

Vivekananda Hallekere, the co-founder and CEO of Bounce, a bike sharing company that operates through its apps opines, “App is one of the main means to reach customers. Today apps are the best way to reach and retain customers which means we can offer a better customer experience. Once web browsers any other means evolve businesses should be open to adapt and be available. So, today app is the best way to give and control the experience of a customer!”

More Apps might Lead to Difficulty in Getting Recognized

Chinu Kala, the founder of Rubaans accessories has not only acknowledged the importance of apps but also highlighted how the rapid emergence of several apps might clutter and speed break brands from getting fully recognized irrespective of their potential. “Apps are playing a great role in today’s businesses. The simple explanation could be that 80per cent of the time spent on mobile devices is spent using apps. These apps provide the consumer ease of selection and ease of purchase. As per my understanding, the dependency for certain businesses will get tilted hugely on apps but with an increase in the number of apps getting consumers attention will become very difficult,” she says.