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Everyone has hacked and hustled their way through a journey called "entrepreneurship." If you too have a similar story, then, what are you waiting for?

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Coffee table books help you to share your story with the world. India's Most Successful Entrepreneur is a collection of India’s finest and the most successful entrepreneurs. It's dedicated to the men and women who have left enduring stories of entrepreneurship. It is also meant to inspire the generations to come. Entrepreneur life journey to success will be showcased in this coffee table book which will be one of a kind Entrepreneurial handbook and will be made accessible to the entire Entrepreneurial community and business fraternity, who’s who of the world and top notch marketers and Brand Managers to take note.


Here are some reasons why entrepreneurs must apply for Entrepreneur India’s Coffee Table Book:

Inspiring Generations

This book is dedicated to the greatness of entrepreneurship. Unlike science that is existent since the onset of the world, entrepreneurship is a man-made field which gained momentum with the advent of commerce and industrialization. There is nothing better than recording your own personal story of success to inspire generations to come. This Coffee Table Book will give readers an insight into the success stories of India’s most prominent who continue to be most relevant in the field of entrepreneurship. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?

Contribute to the Legacy of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are one of the most important sections of the society. Literally, the burden of solving the problems of the society lies on them. Every day, when new creations take form and structure, it is a victory for society as some new aspect will now contribute to the upliftment of the economy. Entrepreneurs carve a legacy and niche of their own and a record must be preserved.

Feature alongside the Top People of the Industry

Entrepreneur India’s Coffee Table Book will feature the top people from every industry of entrepreneurship. From retail to real estate to e-commerce, top brands will find their names in this book. If you have a robust business and you are itching to share your success story with alongside your contemporaries then this your chance! These Leaders will be handpicked taking into consideration their contribution in their respective businesses and industries.

Massive and Strategic Promotions

The massive media promotion will be strategically done to highlight the prominence of this signature of excellence. The coffee table book will be presented to the top hierarchy, who’s who from the Entrepreneurial Community and business fraternity. It would be made available across popular newsstands in the country. Everyone has hacked and hustled their way through a journey called “entrepreneurship.” If you too have a similar story, then, what are you waiting for?

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