Is it Advisable to Get a Job Before Starting Your Own Business

Even if an entrepreneur has lost everything tomorrow, he or she can confidently say that they could pick themselves back and get back to where they are today within a few short years

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A lot of business and entrepreneurship blogs asks the reader why is he or she continuing to build someone else’s dream and not his or her own, these often urge a reader to quit the daily struggles and become his or her own boss dive into entrepreneurship and live happily ever after almost every article out there glorifies quitting the day job.


And here’s the truth, there are some days when the entrepreneur goes through the darkest phase challenged by the obstacles of scaling a venture and there are other when an entrepreneur thinks he is on top of the world with social media congratulating him for his fundraise or acquisition. And there are days when one realizes neither a day job or entrepreneurship gives as much happiness as spending time with self or spending time with the family does.

With the presence of the anti-day job sentiments out there, let us chime to realize the pros and cons of working a day job versus running their own business

The Pros Of Working A Day Job:

  • Infrastructure and support are available throughout to carry out the day to day work smoothly.

  • One can concentrate on his or her specific skills and job requirements and need not to worry about the ups and downs of other departments.

  • When one goes on vacation from work, he or she is truly on vacation. He or she would not feel obligated to do any work and can fully relax and enjoy.

  • Of course, there are always the other perks associated with working for a large corporation such as health insurance, benefits, a consistent paycheck and a whole gaggle of coworkers to hang out with.

The Cons Of Working A Day Job:

  • Being the victim to layoffs, during recessions.

  • Fixed growth and salary.

  • Most of the things, including the scope of work, timings, growth isn't in the hands of the employees.

The Pros Of Self-Employment:

1. The best part about running your own business is the potential money to be made. In fact, every one of my businesses makes a lot more money than my J-O-B today, on a scale of years with equal handwork and dedication.

2. Unlike a day job where one gets a constant paycheck and puny raises every year, the amount one can earn with business is directly proportional to the amount of work one puts into it.

3. With a day job, one is always going to be paid roughly the same amount, regardless a person truly loves his or her work and is dedicated to it or not whereas one gets to reap 100per cent of the fruits of the labour with his or her own business.

4. Most importantly, running own business forces one to learn how to sell and make money by themselves without the help of large company infrastructure.

5. Plus, a nice byproduct of all this learning is that it boosts an entrepreneur’s confidence and self-esteem.

Here’s a little secret. Even if an entrepreneur has lost everything tomorrow, he or she can confidently say that they could pick themselves back and get back to where they are today within a few short years.

Why does an entrepreneur feel that way? It’s because running a business has taught him or her how to sell and market themselves effectively which are skills that one will not learn at a day job.
In fact, this is why most people who get laid off and can’t find another job often struggle to make ends meet. The same people who thrive in a large company environment with lots of infrastructures often find themselves helpless without it.

Running own business has taught entrepreneurs how to make do with very few resources and unlike a day job, an entrepreneur knows that his or her revenue will not disappear overnight because he or she cannot be fired.

The Cons Of Owning Own Business:

Now that we have heard the good things about running our own business, here’s the part which makes most entrepreneurs shut down shops and return to day jobs.

1. An entrepreneur is always checking his smartphone. He or she is constantly thinking about the customers and is constantly thinking about the employees as well. Of course, this could just be just an individual’s personality but an entrepreneur cares more because he or she owns it.

2. An entrepreneur cannot go on vacations without being tempted to check up on his or her sales and to make sure that everything is running smoothly while he is gone.

Whenever the question arises in someone’s mind whether they should quit their job and start their own business, it is often advisable, not to quit.

Starting a business on the side while one is working and then making the decision later. For a lot of people, the idea of running their own business often clouds the reality of doing so.

There are definitely pros and cons to both and despite what one reads about, surely a person can live a happy life doing either.