An Ode to All the Dreamers Who Became Doers with Technology

Make maximum use of the technology that you already have and the sky will be the limit of your growth

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We live in an age where technology has completely transformed the way traditional businesses operate. But what one needs to keep in mind is that technology doesn’t just make life simpler by solving complex issues; it is not always about inventing new things. The magic unfolds when one does new and exciting things to what already exists.


Sounds complex? Well, it’s not. This is where the difference lies between what we call a “dreamer” and a “doer”. A doer will never shrug away from getting his hands dirty – exactly what we call the entrepreneurs of today. They don’t just dream, they make things happen.

Take, for instance, the food delivery apps that we have now. Did you imagine using these services a decade back? Those were the days when we had to physically go to the restaurants to collect food. Come today, we now have multiple apps, where all we are required to do is open the app, select a restaurant, select the desired food option, make the payment and voila, there will be a delivery person right at our doorstep. It is not just economical, but also saves everyone a lot of time. And all of this is possible, only because of technology!

Likewise, there are some path-breaking businesses that evolved over the years. Say, for example, e-commerce businesses. Who thought shopping would be revolutionized the way it has today? Look at the e-commerce industry, making innovations at every next step. No doubt it is the biggest emerging business in the country.

However, not every business has the privilege of using high-level, edgy technology. In order for a business to be on top of their game, it is important for them to leverage the right technology and create an impactful difference in the customer experience. How do they do that?

Take the First Step

An Entrepreneur isn’t someone who just owns a business; they know how to turn things around. Uber didn’t become a huge and successful brand that it is today, in an overnight. It takes immense courage and thought the process to start a business and make it a success.

Creating and Building the Right Technology

Entrepreneurship doesn’t always have to be fuelled only by passion. A method to the madness helps a budding businessman survive in this big, bad, competitive world. Understanding the problem well and getting the technology right is everything that is needed for a business to succeed.

It’s an idea that starts a company, but it is crucial for a budding entrepreneur to understand the value-added benefits that he can provide to his customer with the advantage of technology.

As digitization explodes, dreams have started turning into a reality. Many young entrepreneurs are taking that one step towards successfully fulfilling their dreams. Technology is now redefining the whole business plan. From choosing the right platform, taking orders through calls and social media messengers in a systematic manner to sending a payment link through SMS, technology has certainly opened gates to new scalable possibilities.

Hence, it is imperative to understand the problem well and implement the right technology. Having a record for all the calls and messages, promoting new ideas/products/solutions in the simplest ways like SMS and automated payment reminders, can go a long way in saving sanity, and eventually the business!

Behind Every New, Business is the Silent Work of Technology

There is an absolute joy in seeing a small business make it big in this competitive world. For example, a baking store in Delhi is using the influence of technology to spread their sweetness. Run by a mother-son duo, this mom-and-pop bakery wants their joy to be delivered to as many people as possible. Their communication system was handled by cloud telephony software.

Now, why would a small business like this need cloud telephony services? It is not about the size of the business anymore. The same technology is available to all businesses - big or small. It is about how the business uses it for their benefit.

This bakery uses the power of cloud telephony to manage their calls and enquiries so that they don’t lose out on even a single customer order. A simple solution to a problem that is most common in businesses of all size.

This is the beauty of technology, it empowers and equips us with confidence and an urge to learn more. We have miles to go ahead but looking at a small roadside hawker with ‘Accepts Paytm’ board on his kiosk makes our heart swell with pride. It shows that our country is headed in the right direction of digital transformation.

Small businesses need to come under the gamut of technology, not just to fix an issue but to explore new possibilities for their business, and to achieve what they set out to do in the first place. Today, every business, no matter the size, can power itself forward using technology. All that is needed is a thought starter and the right direction to explore the right channels at the right time. And cloud technology is making it possible for one and all.