TBO Touch's Success Mindset

One of South Africa's most popular radio personalities, TBO Touch has developed into an entrepreneur and brand powerhouse. He believes every goal and vision is attainable, with the right attitude and mindset.

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Always under-promise and over-deliver

That’s been my mantra since my career started. Critics were quick to predict from my first day on Metro FM’s drive show that I wouldn’t be able to grow a primetime show into a business asset. Never say never. My goal was to change the business of radio by converting three hours of radio into a movement. 



A movement can achieve incredible things

We were able to convert a drive time show into a vehicle for a lucrative CSI initiative, giving back to our community instead of just being entertainment. The focus of our CSI initiative rests on education. Instead of being cowed by naysayers, I used the critique I received as fuel to go ahead and pursue greatness. 


Lots of small acts make a big difference

I’ve realised that the ability to resonate with people across different backgrounds and challenges puts me in a better position to empathise with different facets of society. I’ve used this to tap into my resources and work towards changing the situation.

No matter how small my contribution is, someone benefits. And those small contributions add up. That’s the backbone of a movement — myriad small acts that create a groundswell and eventually make a large impact on society.  


All experiences are good — even the tough ones

Not everything that seems bad, is bad. Take everything as it comes and learn and grow from each experience. There are always lessons to be learnt in every situation. That said, never make permanent decisions on temporary circumstances. Bishop Noel Jones had this advice. He said it was because we are creatures of inconsistency.

”What I’m going through today doesn’t mean I’ll go through the same thing tomorrow.” This has always resonated with me. Being broke is temporary, but having a wealthy mind is permanent. 


Never measure the mountain until you get to the top

Everything looks big and daunting until you realise how easy it is when you get to the top. There is no such thing as impossible. There are minds and attitudes that create excuses not to attain goals, that’s all.


I’m legacy driven

I’ve been blessed with two sons, and I take great pride in helping them to understand that life is not about where you start, but how you finish. I’m from Sharpville and I’ve invested a lot of time in recreating my roots. I’ve put systems in place to ensure the legacy lives on beyond me.

It will be up to my children to drive a new vision that ensures our legacy lives on for generations to come: A generation that is progressive and driven.


No brand is an island

It’s important to start creating villages of like-minded people with vision, integrity and the tenacity to take knocks in order to create and build the services and products that resonate with people. I’ve been fortunate to interact with media champions to discuss visionary ideas that have the ability to alter and influence the future. 

The ability to cross-pollinate thrives in a competitive and healthy environment. Brands need to come together and feed from each other’s energies and strengths. These are the ideals that I’ve built my brand ambassadorship with Audi on.

Audi’s brand pillars are aligned with my own: Vision, integrity, drive, tenacity, creativity and personal freedom are just a few of the priorities that we both value. As a brand and a car, Audi’s vorsprung philosophy exemplifies the way I think. 


My partnership with Gareth Cliff has developed in a similar way

I identified Gareth’s tenacity to walk out of a bureaucratic platform and open an online station, and wanted to tap into his ability to grow a platform that is so foreign to most of us. We need more people like him: More visionaries, people who are driven to progress and push boundaries and, like Audi, manage to maintain a niche brand even as you grow.

We all need to remain classy and push back against norms and standards that are conventional, but do nothing for our growth or vision. Touch Central is an exciting new chapter in this path to development and creating the future I’m striving for.