5 Apps that are Bringing Investments at Your Finger Tips

Although investments seem to be gruelling for many, the advent of apps in the investments domain is helping many to make the right choice

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As we become professionals in our respective careers and start minting money for ourselves, we start considering saving our money and invest in areas, which will give us worthy returns. But the decision is not an easy nut to crack. It can get quite mind-boggling. Sometimes people drop their investment plans midway as they turn out to be a head-scratcher for them or avail investment professionals to direct them in the right pathway of investments. However, the breakthrough of technology in the investment space has untangled its complications and risks.


With the introduction of apps in the investment spectrum, handling various forms of investments have become easy. People can not only get assistance to enhance their knowledge of investments, but also can invest, and track their investments on the go.


Average App Rating on Google Play Store: 4.6

Having been downloaded for more than 5 million times, INVESTING.com has become a favourite for investors and traders, with its financial tools that cover global ad local financial instruments. It helps in the process of decision making as you will be able to analyze the ongoing commodity prices (prices of gold, silver, copper, platinum, oils and natural gas), Forex rates, virtual currencies, stocks, etc.

It also keeps you up-to-date with the latest updates, news and videos from the investment sector.

  • Kites by Zerodha

Average App Rating on Google Play Store: 3.9

With more than one million downloads, Kites Web is a flagship product built by Zerodha  – India’s leading stockbroker. Now with its availability as an Anroid app, it has become more accessible as it answers all the investment and trading requirements.


  • Baroda m-invest

Average App Rating on Google Play Store: 4.2

If you are considering investing in mutual funds, Baroda m-invest app is there to be your mobile investment manager without a pinch in your pocket.

The app-based wealth manager that streamlines all aspects of personal investing was created as Bank of Baroda partnered robo advisory firm Finwizard Technology. Downloaded for more than 100K times, the app has been designed to guide its users to invest in the partner mutual funds of Bank of Baroda in a completely digital way and track their investments.


  • fisdom- Mutual Fund Investments App

Average App Rating on Google Play Store: 4.3

Another robo-advisory investment app that guides you in the path of mutual fund investments is fisdom with more than 500K downloads.

Available on Google Play and Anroid App Store, the app offers investment advisory services and promises to “grow your money without any paperwork in just 30 seconds”.

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