Optimizing Logistics got this Mover and Shaker Into Entrepreneur India's 35under35 List

Dhruvil Sanghvi co-founded LogiNext reached breakeven in late 2018 and is growing at a whopping 300 percent YoY

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Blenders Pride Reserve Collection presents Entrepreneur's 35U35 list, which includes some path-breaking names from the field of entrepreneurship. Dhruvil Sanghvi co-founded LogiNext manufactured logistics aiding products account for 10 million shipments a day.


All the goods and services are mobilized with the help of some logistics movement. It acts as a backbone for any business. However, it is also prone to external influences. “Get the best fleet but traffic gets you locked up and you are delayed. Drivers do not know about local conditions and spend time either reaching out to customers or finding their way around. More importantly, the company is caught unaware of what’s happening on the ground, how their shipments are moving, or when would they reach their destination,” says Dhruvil Sanghvi, the 29-year-old co-founder ofLogiNext.

Logistics, apart from being one of the biggest business functions also impacts production, distribution networks, and customer satisfaction. “That’s the moment of clarity, which drove me to go all-in to solve all logistics problems using machinelearning and Internet of Things (IoT) based technology,” he asserts. There is a history of entrepreneurship behind Sanghvi but not at the level at which LogiNext has cemented its place with its rapid growth and global recognition. “In that way, yes, I am a first-generation founder,” quipsSanghvi.

The functionality gives seamless support. “The routes taken for the transport are interactive and live for the manager in a dashboard. The on-ground driver can also view them for his/her application. The manager can control each route from a single dashboard, tracking all service agreements, all estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) and any delay that comes up,” he elaborates.

Customers’ preferred delivery times are factored into the system while charting the routes. This includes times when they won’t be available to receive the package, just to ensure  minimal failed deliveries.

With more than 2 billion location data points that set up a robust base for machine learning-backed planning engine, the scale of operation is massive encumbering 10 million shipments a day. “The machine learning part is important here because the system keeps improving itself based on these data points taking our accuracy to above 98percent and an availability rate to almost 100 percent,” he says.

It has also garnered more than 150 enterprise clients across 10 countries and are expanding daily. Based out of Fremont, California LogiNext has regional offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai, Singapore, and Jakarta with clientso such as Coca Cola, DHL, Mondelez, Mc Donald’s, P&G, Agility, Nestle, Decathlon among others.,’

Constant focus, precision, determination, and to prioritizing tasks led Sanghvito fetch ideal product-market fit quite early. “I haven’t looked back since. We put the customer first optimizing multiple use-cases around the world, constantly expanding our expertise and know-how along the way. We have always encountered challenges head-on to a point that we are on equal fitting with Oracle, SAP TMS, etc. and getting ahead of them on many fronts,” he states.

“A related high would be being repeatedly as one of the fastest growing companies ranked among top five logistics platforms in the world,” he reveals. This recent success has reinforced the startup’s path and goingcompletely live is one of the many innovations they have initiated this past year.

“We have even enabled voice-controlled logistics where you just have to talk to the system to plan and track all your shipments. These new innovations have put us ahead of our time making us the premier choice in logistics optimization,” he says.

The entity reached breakeven in late 2018 and is growing at 300 percent YoY. “We would be hitting a fresh growth spurt with 50 million shipments planned per day, leveraging 5 billion location data points for our core proprietary planning engine, expanding to 30 countries and deepening our base in our primary market,” he explains.

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