Women's Day Special: Women Bring Better Results

Whether it is running a family, taking care of the home, children, staff, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly while they are at work

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Diversity and inclusion and specifically gender equality are at the heart of strategic plans for most organizations.


Organizations take this up not because it is one of the trending “To-Dos” in HR but because they benefit immensely from having a more diverse workforce.  In my years of experience working with various organizations and across sectors.

The Task

Women are a powerhouse of innovation and creativity. The teams that have higher women representation deliver better results with more innovative and practical solutions. Women employees have demonstrated to be more resourceful than their male counterparts, and many hiring managers are requesting for more women employees to be included in their teams.

Women have also been observed to be able to handle a large range and variety of responsibilities just as they would at home. From managing the kitchen to kids’ homework to drafting strategic plans, to get them executed, they can take care of scattered responsibilities with finesse. In my current organization too, more women have been rotated internally then men, because we believe in their capabilities and learning agility to deliver results in diversely challenging roles.

It is widely accepted that women create a better work environment by demonstrating better leadership and team management skills. By nature, women are nurturers and therefore they put in time and effort to develop and groom their teams. Their willingness to communicate, empathize, appreciate and care for employees as individuals and not just resources is far higher than their male counterparts.  

The Source of Energy in a Woman

Women have a significant impact on an organization's culture and its policies. They promote a culture of celebration, cooperation and belongingness. Their commitment to varied responsibilities at professional and personal fronts enables them to drive a culture of faster execution, delivery and effective prioritization at work so that their time can be effectively utilized.

In their roles as daughters, wives, mothers, homemakers, women are constantly taking decisions and actions to positively impact their families. They bring the same ability of decision making, problem-solving and conflict resolution to their organizations as well. Emotional Intelligence plays a pivotal role in organizations and in roles which are very dynamic. Women employees handle stress and pressure better, thus creating more conducive environments.

The Modern Outlook

The aspirations of women have also changed from wanting a seat at the table to set the agenda for discussions at the table. No longer do they want to be just additional income providers to the family but also to follow their dreams and career objectives. Women of our generation have not had the luxury of dreaming about success. They have been too busy carving their success out of the opportunities on offer. Women in leadership roles must also be conscious about providing enough opportunities for other women to make their mark.

In the words of Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, "Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence."

As an HR professional, How true this has been of our corporate culture. Women in leadership positions instinctively work in a manner that is at once "hands-on" while they are present, and "hands-off, but eyes and ears on" when they are not.  Running a family, taking care of the home, children, staff, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly while they are at work, gives us women enough experience of transferring these skills to the workplace. Every woman whatever her position, is a leader. And it is this instinctive, intuitive training that ensures that women always bring better results.