Priyanka Gandhi's Staunch Political Persona Got her on the Cover of Entrepreneur India Magazine

On January 29, Priyanka officially announced her political debut as general secretary of Congress, India's oldest political party.

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Political Prowess of Priyanka Gandhi has made her the cover of Entrepreneur’s March edition dedicated to Women to Watch. With all eyes on Priyanka her perils of power are bound to proceed.


Priyanka Gandhi didn’t just make the biggest political debut this year; she also debuted to become the first woman political leader to appear on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine. The cover titled as Women to Watch in 2019 surely catches the eye and enthralls us with the leader everyone is looking at in the upcoming elections. Priyanka Gandhi has always led her support from behind whether it was for the Indian National Congress’ strategies or giving support to her family, she has been the pillar behind it all.

Her coming to power just proves she has not only led her popularity to rise high, it has also led to people watching with a keen eye on her style of politics. She has been the one who decides when to make the right move and this time she did it by giving strong competition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. All eyes are now on her whether the lady luck will work in Congress’ advantage.

When the political dangal for the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections was gaining momentum, Congress dealt its ace card. On January 29, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra officially announced her political debut as general secretary of India’s oldest political party. The move had a rippling effect: it raised a furore, with the script of ‘Clash of the Titans’ witnessing major alterations, and people swearing for her as the next Prime Ministerial candidate pitted against Narendra Modi. Priyanka came to the fore with all guns blazing. It was evident that she meant business stepping onto the Congress bandwagon. She held rallies, revamped the secretaries of the East UP region (she holds the charge of East UP). Even today the maxim used during poll canvassing in the Amethi constituency is “Amethi ka danka, bitiya Priyanka.” While the entire world is gripped in social media frenzy, Priyanka joined Twitter on February 11, weeks after joining active politics.

On one hand, Congress supremo Rahul Gandhi’s responsibilities are shouldered by his younger sibling while on the other hand Priyanka augmented a different persona to the party.

Priyanka augmented a different persona to the party. On several occassions, her fiery speeches have reminded us of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. A glimpse of her deftness could be iterated from a decade ago when she asserted acquiescence within two weeks while she was in-charge of ten seats in the Amethi Rae Bareilly region. The Congress cadres were bickering among themselves, when Priyanka intervened and resolved the infighting.

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