How Innerwear Brands Are Standing Out From the Crowd In 2019

With innovation and fashion conscious customers and manufacturers, Indian Innerwear Industry has a lot of fine stuff to offer

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Innerwear is literally the first layer of fabric that touches the body. It is a very intimate part of clothing and hygiene. People want to believe in the brand that they buy innerwear from. Men have begun to understand that innerwear is not just an essential utility, but also a fashion commodity.
  • Influencers are an ace up a Brand’s Sleeve

Today, thanks to the internet, the world is far more connected than before. If an event takes place in one corner of the globe, the news spreads like wildfire within moments. Thus, breaking out from the traditional marketing norms of advertising and publicity, brands have begun to leverage on the intensity of social media marketing and experiential promotion through social media influencers. A lot of social media users have gained popularity and the faith of their audience over time. Promoting your brand through these influencers helps in gaining the trust of the target audience through experiential promotional tactics. The audience begins to believe that if the influencer is using the product of a particular brand, it must be of premium quality and worthy of its price.

  • Make Footprints, Don’t Just Follow Them

With easy access to the internet and media, the audience is far more aware of the running trends and likes to keep up with them. However, times have changed and leading brands are focusing more on setting trends than following them. To survive in this dynamic and highly competitive market, brands are forced to take innovative actions and make creative strategies to attract and retain consumers.

  • Consumer is the King

Unlike initial times when people would have to buy what the manufacturer made, the consumer today is the king of the market. With increasing competition in every sector, brands are trying harder than ever to produce what the consumer really wants. In respect to this pattern, innerwear brands are focusing on making a product that is not just an essential utility but is also considered as a fashion commodity. While keeping up with the designs and trends, the manufacturers also take care of the quality and comfort that the product offers.

  • At Your Service!

Service is a very integral part of the marketing process. No manufacturer or seller can thrive without focusing on their before, during and after sale service. From making the product available to the right audience to follow up with the consumer about their experience, the service of a brand makes the audience feels special and gives a personal touch. It makes the consumer feel that the brand cares about them and doesn’t want to merely make a sale.

  • Importance of Consumer Retention

Apart from earning a bigger consumer base, brands also want to retain the audience that they already have. Consumer retention plays an important role in the process because, in this highly competitive market, other brands are hungry and desperate to chase your customer. This can be achieved by following steps like producing a good quality product, offering great services and making the products easily available to them.

  • Wider Availability Through E-Commerce

The tech-savvy consumer base is not a new thing today. Every other brand has its own website and social media accounts. What is important is to be promptly responsive to these platforms. However, solely having your own website for sales cannot fulfil your needs as a brand. It has become highly essential for them to be available on e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart. This is very beneficial for both the parties - consumer and the brand. The consumer can trust the brand because they have immense faith in these e-commerce giants and have great return policies. On the other hand, the brand can gain far more reach through these platforms and increase their sales and profits.