Time Is Money And It's Time You Saved Both When Running Your Fleet

Imagine you could determine the best way to reach a destination in the fastest way possible. What would this mean for your business?
Time Is Money And It's Time You Saved Both When Running Your Fleet
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The less time your vehicles take to reach their destinations, the more loads they can transport and deliveries they can make. Time is money, and you don’t want to waste yours while your vehicles sit in traffic.

An extra 37 minutes per day amounts to 141 hours per year — per vehicle. What is that costing your company?

The right tools can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Business critical fleet information includes locating your vehicles on a map, keeping an eye on traffic, monitoring current orders and receiving automatic notifications as their status changes.

Real-time solutions

How do you keep control of your fleet? TomTom’s WEBFLEET Mobile Applications gives you access to information that enables you to stay in control of your operation, wherever you are. All you need is a smartphone or flash supported tablet, and you’re able to implement tighter quality control across your business.

Revolutionary tools

  • Manage on the move: WEBFLEET Mobile makes fleet management easy. With a handy app on your smartphone, you can view and control your dispersed operation, anytime and anywhere. WEBFLEET Mobile helps you to increase efficiency because it shows at a glance where your vehicles are and which ones are available, enabling you to send the best placed person for a new job. Monitoring the activity of your vehicles in the field also enables you to spot where changes need to be made to increase performance.
  • Offer better customer service: If a customer has a query, you can summon up the relevant information in seconds. See at a glance where your drivers have been, their current position and the status of the orders they’re working on. Keep clients impressed with your service offering by keeping them informed when things aren’t going to plan, when they need an ETA, or manage the relationship if an order is overdue before the phone rings with a complaint. Best of all, you can handle it from the road.

Make smarter travel decisions

TomTom is on a mission to reduce traffic congestion for all road users by providing information to help make smarter travel decisions. TomTom Traffic Flow uses the information from millions of GPS devices in vehicles and shows a detailed real-time view of traffic speeds on the road network. Real time traffic services are available from TomTom in 52 countries, including South Africa.

With the support of millions of drivers, TomTom Traffic monitors road conditions and provides the latest traffic reports for South Africa.

About TomTom Telematics

TomTom Telematics is a Business Unit of TomTom dedicated to fleet management, vehicle telematics and connected car services. WEBFLEET is a Software-as-a-Service solution, used by small to large businesses to improve vehicle performance, save fuel, support drivers and increase overall fleet efficiency.

TomTom Telematics is one of the world’s leading telematics solution providers with more than 763 000 subscriptions worldwide, servicing drivers in more than 60 countries.

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