How To Get The Most From Your Payroll Solution With The Sage Academy

Ansie Snyders, Director, Learning Services at Sage, discusses Sage's Learning Services and its training academy. These solutions offer extra value to their users, as well as the option for flexible e-learning, to optimise the use of Sage's software offerings.

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When investing in Payroll solutions, you want to get the most out of the software. You want to know exactly how it works, and how you can achieve optimal strategies. This is why Sage offers both in-person training at its Sage academy and e-learning for those who need more flexibility. Know exactly how and when to use Sage’s payroll solution by taking advantage of its added value training.

Why has Sage included Learning Services and a training academy in its offering?

When you invest in a Payroll system, you make a lifetime investment. The better you know the software the more you will get from it. It makes sense to include learning services to add value to part of the Sage solution.

The training academy offers people an opportunity to start a career in the payroll industry or to just learn all the ins and outs of the payroll software.

How do these hands on, practical training solutions assist Sage users to get the most from Sage’s solutions, adding more value to their businesses and bottom line?

In order to use your software to its full potential, you need to understand what it can do, how to get it to do that, and then how to get the desired results from the system.

By making use of real life simulations, practice is brought to the classroom, thereby showing various ways in which to apply system functions.

What is the difference between Sage’s ATC and its new e-learning training courses?

ATC’s offer classroom training, which is more expensive, time bound and location bound. E-learning offers flexibility in that the training can be done at a time and suitable pace to the student, and in the comfort of your own environment.

The e-learning covers the same material as the classroom option but adds the benefit of a small assessment at the end of the course. E-learning is also a cheaper option, not only in terms of the course price but also in the saving on travel time and cost.

Why is training so valuable in a competitive environment?

If users don’t know what the software is capable of, they might easily look at other software solutions advertising that one feature they are looking for. This may result in an unnecessary change in software, costing the company a lot of money. A trained user is a happy user who experiences little frustration, since they know how the software works.

How do Sage’s training courses add value personally and at a business level?

Companies need to provide the right skills to enable their people to perform their duties. It presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base and skills of employees.

By training people on how to do a task, you’re showing them the most optimal and time efficient way to carry out a process. In the long run, this saves time and money. Training will also give your employees the confidence they need to perform their job.