3-Step Guide for Entrepreneurs Looking to Turn Authors

Entrepreneurs should not treat writing a book as similarly as they treat accomplishing targets in boardroom

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Imagine replacing the annual reports in your hand with a pen and a blank page? Does it evoke a familiar image? Well, every entrepreneur aspires to record not just numbers but also a record of words that convey the spirit of his vision. While turning an author and wielding the might of the pen and dropping the laptop is a courageous act, it requires some bit of preparation in advance and a few tips to sail through this journey of writing. Here are some tips all entrepreneurs should know who are looking at turning authors!


Don’t Treat it Like yet Another Target! 

Starting out as an author is not an easy job. Therefore, clearly defining the purpose behind making this temporary shift is very important. The mindset helps at many levels especially for entrepreneurs, who most of the times are so involved with numbers and facts, that they forget that something as aesthetical as writing needs to be dealt with differently.

Geetika Saigal, author of Finding Your G-Spot in Life, warns entrepreneurs against the tendency of treating writing like any another business target that needs to be completed in a stipulated time or structure. “The game is between the ears! It's about wiring your mind the right way. You are already bogged down by a zillion and targets - increasing sales, building visibility, delighting the customer, controlling costs.”

She advises that entrepreneurs not let writing be boxed in the same category. “Remind yourself, that this is a choice you are making - an ‘I want to’ not an ‘I have to’, and instantly a weight will be lifted from your shoulders, and it will not seem like a ‘task’ any more.”

Potential Readers are Potential Customers

When one is done with clearing their heads, they must jump on to the task of zeroing a topic that they want to write on and build their narrative around it. To put it simply, entrepreneurs would find it easy to write something on their area of expertise. Author of The Fourth Wave, Ashwin Ranga says that entrepreneurs must “pick a title that helps further the business.” He says, “Choose the topic that will be good for your business. Potential readers are potential customers.” He also adds that entrepreneurs must remember to add the aspect of “emotional connect” while writing the book. He explains, “Stories add value to the reader’s life.”

Understand Your Responsibility and Role

Prachi Garg, who is an author and founder of Ghoomophiro.com, says that as an author, one holds a lot of responsibilities towards his or her readers, and “this responsibility increases exponentially if you are a business leader or an entrepreneur.” she says, “A reader then starts seeing you as a role model and would want to leverage from your experience.”

Her advice is simple. She believes that entrepreneurs, while start penning the book, should structure it into parts, keeping the target audience in mind while building the blueprint of the book.  “The book should be a reflection of the learning’s that an entrepreneur has gathered over the course of his journey. Real life examples always keep the readers glued and the readers are able to connect better to the entrepreneur.” 

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