How Fantasy Gaming in India Transformed into a Business Giant

Live sports fantasy games are a great way to enhance the whole viewer experience of the sport, streaming right in front of an individual

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India boasts a rich community devoted to sports, especially cricket. It plays its role as a binding force, bringing together like-minded individuals to enjoy this sport. The Indian sports fanatics, along with the rest of the world are anticipating the upcoming cricket events like Indian Premier League (IPL) and World Cup 2019 to be held this year. This enthusiasm, fueled with the knowledge for the sport, has ensured an upsurge in the online gaming industry in India that is only set to be on an upward trajectory in the upcoming years.


Technology:  the Deciding Factor

Technology helped paved the way for this popularity for the digital gaming and fantasy leagues. Before the presence of technology, there were not a lot of ways to enjoy cricket other than to jump right in the field with friends. Through the evolution of technology, a safe space has been developed where one can jump in the virtual field with other sports enthusiasts to relish the charm of the sport again. The success of this virtual playground is the result of the social network in these games that allows people to be connected while enjoying their favourite sport.

The Wave in India

India is witnessing a huge escalation in the userbase of the online gaming platforms with almost 50 million online gamers in 2018 to boast. It is projected that the number of online gamers is set to see a rise to 200 million by the year 2020. This escalation is a direct result of fantasy league platforms giving sports enthusiasts a chance to become more active participants in the game rather being bystanders, cheering for their respective teams.

The online cricket fantasy league platforms provide users with the flexibility to construct a dream team using their skills and knowledge about the game. This way, the users act as managers and analysts to develop a team while learning how an actual selection committee operates. The upcoming online gaming platforms provide users with an essence of the real sport with the comfort and flexibility of a smart screen, justifying their appeal to the millennials. The freedom to be what you want to be, that comes with these games, had led to a pop culture revolution that is witnessing a massive hike in the user percentage every day. This, in turn, has transformed fantasy gaming in India to be a multi-billion dollar business, which is only projected to increase

Easy Access giving Rise to Popularity  

With the rise in the number of users, online gaming platforms are not just garnering a big gaming population but also increasing the fans of the actual sport. New online sports startups have provided the users with a way to be more connected to the game by being a part of the intricacies that go along with them. Along with providing entertainment, they also help increase the knowledge of the user about that particular sport, ensuring that the users take back something from the time they spent in leisure.

in the upcoming years.

Live sports fantasy games are a great way to enhance the whole viewer experience of the sport, streaming right in front of an individual. The overall thrill is to witness the cricket team one curated, ranked based on their performance to affect the overall rating of their team. Thus, by forming a team and competing with other users with different teams, is how one participates in these online cricket fantasy leagues. This is a great way to put together the skills and knowledge that one has about the sport and players, to outshine others.

With the booming popularity of online gaming platforms, one thing is certain, that the fantasy gaming industry in India is an ever-growing technological marvel that will continue to flourish in the years to come. This passion for the game can also pave the path for more sports like basketball, kabaddi and football to have a better stronghold in the online Indian gaming industry in future. These online gaming platforms have been a catalyst in driving a deeper connection between sports lovers and the teams as well as the players they idolize. If one has to go by the numbers, it would not be wrong to conclude that the future projections are quite promising.