Tips for Candidates Appearing in an Interview for the First Time

These things will make your interview a flawless process and you will appear smart and confident with the dressing tips

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Graduation season is around the corner, which means a lot of you are probably going on or planning to go on job interviews. As if job interviews weren’t stressful enough, with trying to remember the right things to say and do, you also have to think about what you’re going to wear. After all, interviews are all about showing yourself in the best possible light, and your interview outfit is part of that. Showing up to an interview polished and dressed appropriately for the role you are interviewing for shows that you put effort into yourself and into understanding the organization's culture. A good interview outfit can help with your confidence going into the interview.


An interviewer's first impression is often a lasting one, so the way you present yourself during an interview is important and without a doubt, it’s not appropriate to show up wearing shorts, flip-flops or a hoodie.

However, it does make sense to dress your best for the interview, regardless of the dress code at the organization. It’s much better to be too dressed up than too casual. You may not have to dress like this every day, but you are more likely to be taken seriously when you present yourself in a professional manner and take the time to attend to details.

Because every company is different in what they consider appropriate workplace attire, here are some tips to ensure you dress for success every time.

  • Do your homework.

Don’t know much about the company? engage in a little internet stalking to find out what the dress code is. This can give you an insight into the company's overall vibe.

  • Pay attention to details.

Make sure you always look polished. In other words, don't show up in wrinkled, stained, ripped or ill-fitting clothing. Consider keeping a small grooming kit with you for any last-minute touch-ups you may need.

  • Keep it simple.

You want the interviewer to focus on you, not your attire. Stay away from outrageous colours, heavy accessories, and patterns, as well as pieces that show off too much skin. Let your answers speak for yourself.

Here's a quick look at the basics on how to look best-

1) Wrap Dresses

It's one of the most universally figure-flattering silhouettes and it'll never go out of style

2) The Perfect Fit

Make sure your pants are the perfect length by investing in trousers made specifically for you.

3) Re-Think Your Go-To Shoe

Black pumps will match everything in your closet, but we'd argue that a great pair of python-print heels are just as versatile.

4) Pop of Color

Pairing a neutral is a no-brainer. But don't forget to add a hint of colour.

5) Bold Prints

Upgrade a classic silhouette like a pencil skirt or high-waisted trousers with a bold print blouse.

6) Don't Be Afraid to Match

Forget that old rule that says matchy is a bad thing. A coordinated suit makes getting dressed that much easier. Plus, you can always mix and match tops with a perfect tweed skirt.