#8 Styling Mistakes Men Make At Work Every Single Day & Are Clueless About

It is always important to strike a balance between being dull and being too loud at your workplace

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Our previous generations had it easy when it came to playing dress up for work. All you had to do was wear your shirt, pair it with a decent tie or deck up in a solid suit and you were sorted.


Office attire a decade ago was very restrictive and you didn’t have plenty of options to choose from. So everyone knew what exactly they were expected to wear.

However, the fashion industry has evolved and we have a plethora of options to choose from. This makes the line between the right and the wrong a little blur.

A sartorial stumble one time is fine but when it is constant you surely need some alteration in your styling.

Ask yourself can you wear your trainer at work and still make it look formal? Can you deck up in your denim and maintain the business look? Maintaining a balance is crucial. You don’t want to look boring nor do you want to be loud. The world of styling is a minefield and we are here for your rescue.


Oversized Clothes

It is a notion that oversized clothes hide your excessive flesh and let you breathe. Yes, we all have one of those baggy shirts that we love, but the office is not the place for it. Think wearing oversized cloth makes you look less bulky? Let us break it to you that one looks bigger and heavier. Oversized clothes are good for nothing and just make you look shabby. Let’s remember you are at work and not roaming around your house at 3:00 am in the morning.


Everything That Shines Isn’t Good

Shiny suits and shirts are okay for some occasions but not work. They do not just make you look desperate for attention but at the same time make you look cheap. We totally love Ranveer Singh’s guts but you can’t be one in office space. Many times for evening office affairs you go for iridescent material but let's pick up fine, linen kind of clothes.


A Visible Vest

An undershirt is very necessary to give your shirt a perfect fit. However, it ruins your shirt when it is visible from it. It’s a strict no-no for your vest to be seen from your shirt. If you like keeping those top buttons open, then pick for a v-neck innerwear.


Stop Overdoing Designer Labels

We often make a huge mistake of displaying label around when it should not be the case on the first place. To put it simply when you show off the brand, you try to prove you can afford the label. Besides the fact that this puts everyone off, it is plain bad etiquette in the first place. Try to balance it, you don’t want to look like a billboard. You want to make a style-statement, let’s focus more on that. Don’t buy a piece until it highlights your best assets.


Undoing Your Shirt Buttons

Darling, you are in the office. No matter how hot the weather is or how toned up your body is, no one intends to see either. Undoing a button or two is still okay, but when it goes beyond that, you are overdoing it. You are not at a nightclub trying to hit on someone; you are at a workspace….let’s try to maintain decency of it.


Size Matters

Nothing gets attention or creates mockery than men wearing clothes that are smaller in size. Well, size matter. If your blazer, t-shirt or pants make you look like a dish in an oven you totally need fashion police.  Accept the fact that you have gained few kgs. Head out for shopping and buy a couple of new shirts that fit you. We know gaining weight is traumatic but let us go through this until we are back in shape.


Limiting Your Accessories

We love accessories but you certainly don’t have to look like a walking store where people can shop from. Let’s stick to minimal and classy pieces. Too much of gold? While we love mafia movies, no one intends to pull that look on normal days until it’s a fancy dress competition in an official capacity. Limit yourself to 3-4 items at a time. Let’s say funky socks, cufflinks, bold tie and more.


Socks With Sandals?

What is it with men and wearing socks with sandals? Why on earth do you need to wear a sock with open footwear? The whole point of wearing sandal is to let the air in, wearing socks just beats the whole purpose. Gentlemen, stop making a fool of yourself. If you are so obsessed with socks or its chilling outside just wear a pair of socks and get it of sandals.