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Flip For It

E-Book Systems' FlipAlbum CD Maker Business Edition

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to access information on your Web site. Truth is, not everyone is online yet. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to print brochures, catalogs and press kits for distribution, put all your marketing materials on a CD for a fraction of the cost. The FlipAlbum CD Maker enables clients and business partners to peruse your company's offerings. Navigation is intuitive and uses electronic bookmarks, hyperlinks and multimedia annotation. Requirements for the PC used to create the CD are Windows 95/98/NT, 32MB RAM, a CD-RW drive and CD writing software.

Flipalbum CD maker business edition

E-Book Systems

(408) 919-6675

Street Price: $199 (Annual license fee for 10,000 copies distributed)

This story appears in the November 2000 issue of Startups. Subscribe »