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Size Matters

What's the secret to fast growth? Look bigger than you are, and you'll grower bigger, faster. Here's how.

This story appears in the November 2000 issue of Entrepreneurs Start-Ups magazine.

It was just a few years ago when Cisco Systems got its start in a home in Silicon Valley, and before that, even Microsoft was birthed in tiny quarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There is no stigma to being small-or is there? The mind-boggling paradox is that, sure, everybody understands that virtually all companies start out tiny, but being small can most certainly be counted against you, since customers, vendors, bankers and the rest often prefer to deal with a big company. For you, the message is unmistakable: Look bigger than you are, and you'll grow bigger, faster.

How can you do this without burning through cash on unnecessary office space and superfluous staff? Follow these leads, and when outsiders look at your company, they'll see a business that shouts "We're big!"

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