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Geoff Hughes Shares 5 Mind Hacks to Help You Make Millions

Geoff Huges devised genius mind hacks to help make millions and shares his tactics
Geoff Hughes Shares 5 Mind Hacks to Help You Make Millions
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A high school dropout turned serial entrepreneur, Geoff Hughes is the quintessential example of sheer hard work and devout perseverance. However, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Geoff. He dropped out of High-School in grade 9, and later found himself working dead-end 9-5 jobs in order to make ends meet for his family. Things went further downhill when he had to declare bankruptcy. However, he persevered and managed to keep on going. He found a mentor and finally had his big break, raking in an astonishing 1.4 million USD through email marketing the very next year. He went on to found Infinite-Web, a successful Web-Hosting company and continues to rake in a 7 figure salary every year.


However, Geoff soon realized that his true passion lied in educating people about his tactics and keys to success. Although he is the embodiment of sheer determination and diligence, Geoff claims that it was a fundamental shift in his mentality and identity which allowed him to actualize his dreams and goals. Coupled with his philanthropic nature and a passionate desire to help others, Geoff now focuses his efforts on mentoring and guiding people to unlock their true potential and create a successful business lifestyle.

Without further ado, let’s look at the 5 mind hacks Geoff has devised to help you make millions:

Geoff Hughes MindHack #1: Realize what you are up against

Geoff Hughes is a huge fan of the works of cosmetic surgeon Maxwell Maltz. Dr. Maltz noticed that after operating on patients, some of them would wake up feeling like new people altogether whereas for some the newly acquired outwardly appearance had little to no effect. As such, he hypothesized that such cosmetic enhancements had no impact whatsoever on the self-esteem of a patient. Instead, it was the inherent nature and self-image of a person that directly affected it.

Geoff explains that this “self-image” is deeply in the minds of people since a young age. It is this very self-image that defines who you are as an individual through the choices you make and how you interact with any environment you are exposed to. All of this occurs subconsciously without you even realizing it.  However, if your intrinsic “self-image” disagrees with your potential goals and objectives, your mind will actively try to curtail you from achieving said aspirations. Therefore, it is absolutely essential you recognize and realise who you are as a person deep down.

Geoff Hughes MindHack #2: Identify what’s holding you back

In order to align your self-image with your dreams, you have to reprogram your entire core.

The first step in doing so is to identify the problematic areas. Even though 95% of the choices you make on a daily basis are done subconsciously, you can train your mind to realise instances where this does occur. This enhanced “awareness” of thought is known as Metacognition. This helps you to recognize the exact action you are taking when responding to a certain stimulus. Since you are now aware of your reaction, you can replace it with an action of your own choosing. Geoff argues that if you continue to alter the way you react, gradually, you will be able to replace this behavior with actions which are beneficial to your desired outcomes and goals. This will allow you to quite literally rewire your brain and align its functioning with your aspirations and dreams.

Geoff Hughes MindHack #3: Awareness is key

Geoff outlines a three pronged approach to effectively rewire the programming of your brain:



In order for you to permanently introduce a new and beneficial habit into your reformed self, repetition is key. Once you have successfully identified which habit needs replacing, it is imperative that you introduce a positive replacement in its place and practice it constantly.



Practicing hypnosis allows you to effectively access your sub-consciousness directly. This enables you to imprint any positive habit or action which you are looking to introduce in your everyday life. The action may take place almost immediately, or it may come about in a considerable period of time. Regardless of the time it takes, reform is an inevitability.


Emotional Experience

Attaching an emotion to a desired goal of yours has a similar effect on your mentality as any traumatic experience does. It leaves a lasting imprint on your mental psyche and affects the way you react to the stimulus in question. If a positive emotional experience is attached to a certain stimulus, it further supplements your motivation to achieve a particular goal.

Geoff Hughes MindHack #4: Hit your subconsciousness where it is vulnerable

Your sub-consciousness is unable to distinguish between virtual reality and actual life. If the virtual stimulus accurately mimics real-life, your brain processes information in the same way as it would in person. Therefore, if you actively visualise your ultimate goal and re-affirm it consistently, your brain will be tricked into conceiving your dreams as a reality. This enhances performance and accelerates the general process of attaining financial freedom. Therefore, it is imperative that you clearly envision your end goal and actively reinforce it in order to achieve it with minimal resistance.

Geoff Hughes MindHack #5: Tricking your Subconsciousness

This hack is an extension of the previous one. After successfully confirming your vision in your brain, you can now trick your subconscious into believing it has been actualized. As such, you will be able to experience the feeling of sitting in your dream car without actually having it. This targets the focus centers in your brain, motivating you further which will eventually increase your overall productivity. This trick is fairly simple but works wonders for even the most complacent of individuals.


The aforementioned techniques and hacks have to be executed in tandem with each other in order for them to reform your self-image successfully. At first, the process can be quite testing, and there will be several instances where you falter. However, this is because you are rebooting your innate nature completely. With time, once you get the hang of it, it will be smooth sailing from thereon.

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