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Burger King Responds To Threat Of Regional Boycott


Detroit-The Reverend Al Sharpton announced that he plans to launch a regional boycott of Burger King Corp. that was to begin Saturday, October 14, 2000. In response to that announcement, the Minority Franchise Association (MFA) of Burger King Corp. issued the following statement:

"The Minority Franchise Association of Burger King Corp. remains united in its opposition to the planned boycott against Burger King Corp. by La-Van Hawkins and his companies and the Reverend Al Sharpton. We strongly believe that this action will have an overwhelmingly negative affect [SIC] on the thousands of employees, businesses and communities that depend on our restaurants for their livelihoods." -PR Newswire

For additional background information on this case, please see our news stories from October 2, 2000, and October 12, 2000.