Tricks of Taekwondo Reveal Secrets of Road to Success

To be an entrepreneur is a choice and a choice can take a person to the heights of success

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It is quite amusing how sometimes simple acts of life end up as an inspirational lesson giving the life a meaningful direction. 


What does one need to start a business? Idea, purpose and a source of motivation. It is true that nothing can prepare an entrepreneur completely for starting a business but little things around one can definitely play a vital role in bringing out the best of a person. To be an entrepreneur is a choice and a choice can take a person to the heights of success. 

Small moments of life are bundles of valuable ideas and inspirations waiting to be unwrapped by inquisitive minds. A mind, as alert as an owl, never fails to notice these moments and conceives new ideas, works in a new direction. 

A carefree stroll into a maze of streets may give a direction to the life, or a complete stranger may turn up into an inspiration for the life. And even a Taekwondo class can give you a lot only if one is alert enough to notice it and willing to adapt in life as well as business. 

The basic principles of this combative sport are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. These principles may prove to be very helpful in shaping the right working approach and nurture growth.

  • Never Let Failures Deter You: Continuous efforts towards goal undeterred by failures, difficulties and obstacles lead to success. The journey of entrepreneurship is never easy. While to conceive an idea is easy, to execute it is difficult. An entrepreneur needs to move forward towards the goals with intensified and constant efforts to achieve success without being deviated by discouragements in any form.

  • Keep Alive the Indomitable Spirit, Fight Away All Odds: Taekwondo also teaches to always remember the solemn promise to keep the energy high at all times even at the time of failures and keep the promise alive to move forward towards the success. Failures often drain out energy and leave back a discouraging idea striving for existence. But for successful entrepreneur failures are never an end of the journey but a lesson to help them establish a strong business.

  • Built Trust Amongst Customers With Courtesy: Courtesy and polite communication always helps in establishing a business. While customers always have other choices, polite communication helps in retaining customers and strengthen their trust. The student oath that is recited before each class of this martial art after bowing reminds students of their obligations towards their art, instructors, fellow students and also to the society at large. So is required from an entrepreneur to be always aware of his/her duty towards the society at large.

  • Adhere to Your Moral Grounds: To remain firm on the way of moral and ethical working may take time in achieving the aim but will always be helpful in retaining the position at the heights of success. Taking a short route may always sound easy but the success achieved through them has a short life. A strong business believes in ethics and moral values.

  • Be Focused, Calculate Every Move: Control on the action is very decisive in the result. A focused approach towards success with well-calculated moves will only give the desired result. Aimless efforts only lead to loss of energy and efforts. For success in business, one needs to be alert of surroundings and make a well-planned move with concentrated efforts. 

These are some very minute but at the same time important principles which may work as a strong foundation of a successful business idea which nurtures with positive and collective efforts as well as adds its contribution towards the society for good as well.

Another lesson that Korean martial art i.e. Taekwondo gives comes from the journey of joining the prestigious ‘black belt’ rank which is considered a milestone in the sport. Reaching this breakthrough is not about who gets it first, but it is about everybody should move forward and keep growing and achieve the rank.

Similarly, while starting up, the entrepreneur should keep in mind that it is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Every entrepreneur has his/her own journey to accomplish the goals and succeed. Many hurdles may come in the way causing a stumble but when the balance is regained, momentum will bring change.

The life offers so many sources of ideations waiting to be explored, go ahead and search for yours.