PM's 'Neighborhood First Policy' brings the Idea of Employment Abundance from Bhutan

PTC India's deal with Bhutan projects would work well to increase employment percentage

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Government’s ‘Neighborhood First Policy’ has helped the countries in excelling in its trade relations with each other. Recent visit of Prime Minister Modi to Bhutan is based on the same policy and it returned back with the enormous hydro project deal signed by PTC India Limited, the country’s largest electricity trader, will buy surplus power from state-run Druk Green Power Corp Ltd (A Royal Bhutan Government Company) for the 720-megawatts (MW) Mangdechhu hydropower project. 


India’s trade business with Bhutan 

Cross border energy trade is a foremost and prioritized factor led by the PM Modi’s South Asia focused neighborhood first policy. India is assisting Bhutan to build a 10,000 megawatt hydropower project with concessional finance, with a total investment of about $10 billion. Apart from hydropower projects, India has also helped Bhutan build the cement plant, Paro airport and the Bhutan Broadcasting Service Station.

Advantages of business relationship in Indian entrepreneurship

By investing in the international trade and business with Bhutan over water and architecture sectors, India n government is bringing in the massive inflow of employment for the people residing in North East region of the country. Electricity pace from the river power plant built on the Mangdechhu River in Trongsa Dzongkhag District of central Bhutan will be taken towards the north east region of Assam, Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal. This would need the experts along with the employed manpower related to every region receiving the hydro power. 

This would bring the right set of opportunities for startups to come ahead and serve the policy in the standardized manner. Involvements of expertise startups would increase the demand of manpower and skilled employers to forge the project with their prowess. 

PTC India Limited quotes on the matter 

“PTC India Ltd (PTC) signed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Druk Green Power Corporation Limited (DGPC, A Royal Bhutan Govt. Company) for purchase of surplus power from 720 MW Mangdechhu Hydro Electric Project in Bhutan for 35 years. Government of India has designated PTC as the nodal agency from Indian side to purchase this power from Bhutan," PTC said 

This arrangement of power trading has resulted in a strong mutually beneficial relationship between two neighbouring countries," Deepak Amitabh, chairman and managing director, PTC India Ltd.