Vegan Trainer Tay Sweat Talks about Stereotypical Notions around Veganism

While some myths and notions are still understandable, there are also those that are a bit far-fetched
Vegan Trainer Tay Sweat Talks about Stereotypical Notions around Veganism
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The concept of veganism is becoming a global phenomenon, with people across the globe embracing it for a variety of reasons. What started out as a trend has turned into a movement, more and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of veganism. The issue is that many people seem to have their own interpretations of what veganism really is, there are numerous rumours and misconceptions on the subject. Tay Sweat, popularly known as The Vegan Trainer, has always done his best to help educate people about veganism and dispel these incorrect notions and myths.

While some myths and notions are still understandable, there are also those that are a bit far-fetched. Tay shared a few interesting queries which he encountered in the past. The most common issue brought to light is that vegans don’t consume enough protein as meat is the best source for it. There are innumerable alternate sources of protein which in fact surpass meat in terms of potency and nutritional value.  Another major concern is that soy milk is the only alternative to dairy milk. While soy milk is one of the most popular alternatives, there are several others to choose from, like coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk, and cashew milk.

People have expressed nutrition being a concern when considering the option of going vegan. It is believed that vegans are malnourished due to the exclusion of animal-based products. The irony is that it is quite the opposite. Vegan diets are known to strengthen your immune system, promote cardiovascular function, enhance endurance and improve skin health. Tay further elaborates, “Vegan diets are crafted to help provide your body with everything it needs. As opposed to convention, dairy, eggs, meat, and animal-based products are not essential. Vegans have a plethora of alternate plant-based sources to choose from. Many of these so-called myths are simply a result of half information or a lack thereof.”

Tay Sweat’s foray into nutrition and fitness began several years ago when he battled obesity, diabetes, and various other health disorders. After losing more than 120 pounds and healing from all his ailments, he realized that he was destined to become a health professional. Today, Tay is a master trainer, certified by the NASM and CPT, with multiple specializations in holistic nutrition, weight loss, and corrective exercises. Tay has also authored two bestselling books, namely, ‘How to Vegan Keto’ & ‘The Wild Rabbit.’

Tay has always been passionate about helping and guiding people down the path to veganism. His quest to help educate people about health and fitness led him to become a formidable social influencer. With more than 1,15,000 followers on Instagram, 50,000 on Facebook and 10,000 on YouTube, Tay is no stranger to fame. He hosts his own podcast, titled ‘WeGood’, sharing his knowledge and experience with people and helping them transform themselves, embrace veganism and live healthier lives.

Tay firmly believes that knowledge is power, and he does his best to lead by example. Having reached out to more than 4000 clients in various countries across the globe, Tay has helped his clients broaden their horizons and gain a deeper understanding of health, fitness, and nutrition as a whole. As per Tay, “It is our duty as health professionals, to provide people with a clear picture so that they are able to make educated health decisions. Knowing only part of the story is always dangerous, whether it’s about going vegan or anything else.”

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