Will Khadi Modernization attract Youth Entrepreneurs and Jobs

Union Minister, MSME, Nitin Gadkari to drive Khadi sector towards modernization through design houses

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Gadkari on Wednesday led a meeting to generate new ideas to think in transit forward including approaches to make khadi progressively alluring to the young people of the nation.


The Khadi and Village Industries corporation have proposed to form National Design and Product Development centres in India under MSME ministry. It is aimed at forming the centres which can execute the trendy designs for khadi products as per the market demand.

Reasons why modernization in Khadi can uplift employment status and Youth entrepreneurs

Leading Fashion Industry Tycoons would be involved in the working of the design centres around the country. Their presence as a guiding light would encourage the sector towards development and advancement. This would end up resulting in generating more jobs and new work stream for the Indin Youth.

At the conference on Wednesday, prominent fashion designers like Rohit Bal, JJ Valaya, Raghavendra Rathore were among those speaking to the design business, aside from senior authorities from The National Institute of Design and The National Institute of Fashion Technology. This gives a leap to the youth fashion aspirants entering into Khadi Business.

For making 'Khadi' a global brand, these centres would establish trendy designs. Small entreprises' businesses can delve into the concept and pace up its content of production related to Khadi. Government's back up would encourage the MSMEs to infuse more talent and advancement and bring economy gains as its output.

Design centres to be developed will be establish with one centre each in northeren, southeren, easteren and western parts of the country including one in North Easteren region.

Role of Khadi Design Centres

The priority of a design house will be to recognize the most recent structure patterns, embrace them according to market needs and attempt different testing and survey exercises for making an interpretation of them into final production.

"Government is leading towards the development of the business sector and nation's economy from all sides. Khadi is the foremost and one of the oldest traditional element of our country, it needs to be maintained and progressed with this pace", said MSME source.