Here's How This Most Online-searched Celebrity Deals with Her Business

Sunny Leone, along with husband Daniel Weber, has ventured into several businesses
Here's How This Most Online-searched Celebrity Deals with Her Business
Image credit: Times of India

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One of the most googled Bollywood celebrities, Sunny Leone, is well-known for her charm and dancing skills. However, there is more to the actress than just her on-screen persona.

At the Startup Summit 2019 organised by Franchise India, Leone spoke about her entrepreneurial side. Known to few, while Leone looks at the creative side of the businesses she runs, her husband Daniel Weber handles other aspects of these businesses. Their demarcated way of functioning is defined making them achieve their goals. 

Entertainment to Entrepreneurship 

For Leone, venturing into business was always in the scheme of things. “Career in entertainment industry is short, especially for women. After a point it goes south. For me, it has always been the ‘exist strategy’,” she said. 

When it comes to starting and running a business, the couple follows the traditional route. “We start all our companies with our own capital. We operate, produce and distribute; we are very traditional,” said Weber while speaking at the same event. 

The Business Equation 

On being asked how the husband-wife duo functions together keeping their ego aside, Daniel’s answer is simple, “We don’t clash, she suggests we will start a business and we do. But we know our roles in order to avoid clashes. If you want to work with your wife, take different departments.” 

While many actors choose to invest in others business, Leone and Weber find an issue with it. “The issue I have in investing in other's business is that we are not sure if they will work as hard as we do,” said Leone. 

Professional and Personal

Leone treats her business and personal issues with the same seriousness. Before putting anything out in the market, she asks if she would opt for it at the first place. “Everything that we create is treated in same manner. Sunny asks if she isn’t going to wear something then why create it. If my kids are not going to this school then why create it. Everything is treated in same manner,” said Daniel. 

Customer Service and Hiring Smart Employees 

Though one can build a business, very few understand the importance of customer service and hiring smart people. That’s one thing that the couple understand more than anything else. Leone believes “customer service is important. We can’t lose a customer, it’s not an option”.

Stating the success mantra, Daniel stated, “Surround yourself with smart people. Pay people to do great work and you will get great work.”

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