This VC believes impeccable execution is driven by well-rounded start-up teams

The criticality of execution and importance of founding teams has been proven to us time and again, according to Rohit Goyal, managing partner of Windrose Capital

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Investors play a crucial role in boosting a start-up or an existing brand. Funds pumped in by them are used to augment a company’s standard and prestige in the market. With the help of investors, a start-up or a brand gets to achieve their goals.


Windrose Capital, a venture capital (VC) fund, ensures that its investments are closely aligned with its areas of expertise. Windrose has backed many start-up founders during their journey.

According to Rohit Goyal, managing partner of Windrose Capital, the fund believes it is its responsibility to find and back companies that are creating new economic realities. The process of building a business, scaling it and managing a large-scale organization is a long-term commitment and a challenging endeavor.

Successful entrepreneurs and investors continuously seek to create value for their customers, investors, various stakeholders and society at large. For most entrepreneurs, the decision to exit a company is not only a professional one but also a profound personal ask. “We believe that an exit is a fruitful exercise only when we can collectively pursue the creation of greater value from the outside, than the inside of their current company,” he said.

“Our Investments in companies like IdeaForge (makers of micro UAVs in India and are now major providers of drones to the Indian military and Para military forces), Favcy (drives the digital journey for a brand by converting its engagements to commercial transactions) and (providing the underserved population of tier II and III cities access to formal capital markets) have been great successes,” said Goyal.

While Windrose is sector agnostic, it prefers players working in spaces such as financial inclusion, smart mobility, logistics, electric mobility, Internet-of-things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, healthtech and agritech, among others.

While speculating on a growing brand or forging ahead towards start-ups for investing, investor always take into account the risks. Sometimes investments decline with massive loss and at times, it emerges out to be the best among all.

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According to Goyal, though Windrose is extremely prompt, opportunities have been missed such as in a start-up that is today India’s leading payday credit and instant cash loan provider. “We have also understood that impeccable execution is driven by well-rounded teams. The criticality of execution and importance of founding teams has been proven to us time and again,” he added.

Windrose Capital, which has invested in over a dozen companies till now and made exits from four, is currently managing its second corpus—The Next Billion Fund—which can raise and deploy up to $30 million.