This Snazzy Den Spells Fun

Step into the office of Mumbai-based fitness discovery and booking start-up Fitternity and you are introduced to all things quirky
This Snazzy Den Spells Fun
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Imagine working in an office so eccentric and inviting that working didn’t seem like a chore anymore? Step into the office of Mumbai-based fitness discovery and booking start-up Fitternity and you are introduced to all things quirky.

Founder and CEO Neha Motwani’s cabin is simple yet attractive. Turn your head around and you will notice quirky unusual posters all over, break-out zones to work out and meeting rooms to brainstorm. A very similar vibe translates to her cabin too. A three-sided glass door structure with simple colours is an instant mood-lifter.

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With a wooden desk and comfortable wooden chairs, Motwani’s 80 sq.ft space is fairly open as the glass walls replace the wooden or brick walls. “My cabin is a reflection of myself, as all the elements in the room have a personalized touch. The colour schemes and the décor are designed in a way that provides a calming vibe
and makes me feel at home,” she says. But her cabin is also a perfect example of playing around with art and imagination. The white and green tone with wallpaper of cactus and plants pleases the eyes and is sure to leave any visitor impressed!

Source: EntrepreneurIndia


Like any other professional, Motwani’s day starts by setting up her laptop, sipping a strong dose of coffee and making her to-do list. “I list three most important things for the day and manage my time accordingly. I focus on considering my daily goals of things that need to be done on priority. I also take out 10 to 15 minutes in the morning to just have a quick chat with my team, keep my conversations informal and email-free,” she reveals.


The glass walls are the highlight of her cabin and she believes that they not only allow her space but also enhance her thoughts and ideas. Referring to how her cabin is her innovation and delight hub, Motwani mentions, “I like keeping my cabin clutter-free because less is more for me. The organized ones direct me towards my goals. I also like keeping customized art pieces as colours and art keep my heart at ease.”

Source: EntrepreneurIndia


5 Things On Your Desk Laptop, a cup of coffee, a box of healthy munchies, a writing pad and fidget tool to keep her mind active and stress-free.

Precious Possession

The Fitternity Team

Five Essentials

Whiteboards, coffee machine, workout zone, music, comfortable lounge chairs and the swing area for a lively and cheerful environment.

Cabin Rule

If you don’t document it, there’s no way it can happen.

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