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Sachin Kothari, Director, Augmont Group, the man behind the integrated precious metal manufacturing company tells us his backpack story

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Did you ever know a backpack was a way for you to store your dreams and carry it on different adventures of life? While many of us don’t think in that manner, Sachin Kothari, Director, Augmont Group, the man behind the integrated precious metal manufacturing company, says his backpack is particularly for storing dreams. Keeping it simple, Kothari says, “It starts with a baby step but gradually turns into a ladder. Every step is filled with a lot of experience, happiness, and a feeling of achievement. I packed my backpack not for sports but for the real traveller within me.”



Kothari is a huge fan of popular Bear Grylls show ‘Man vs Wild’ and often prefers to travel with various pieces from his collection. He uses a bag from this collection that has a BG logo embossed on it which is a true identity of a traveller. His love for these bags lay simply because they are comfortable and better than others and

put less strain on the body. They are also travel-friendly and easy to carry.


For Kothari, travelling is the best therapy. It is the beginning of a new climax and a life where you can sense every moment of your breath. “It’s something I have been made for and my backpack has always been there for me; sometimes a pillow to rest on and at other times a buddy to share thoughts,” he said. Explaining about the specifications of the bag, he says that the product is lightweight that provides ample storage along with drying up quickly, thereby acting as the perfect item for every season.


Kothari’s backpack is more than just a piece of luggage as it contains a bagful of memories. From travelling within India to going around with friends in Europe, it has been a constant factor in his life. “While looking at it, my energy increases manifold, gives a feeling of achievement and to looks forward to a new destination. It is not only perfect for the traveller but also stylish and can be used for day to day activities.”

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