Pune-based VC Fund Windrose Carves Out $30 Mn From its Fund For Early-Stage Start-ups

Windrose Capital has invested in several companies till now and made exits from four

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Early-stage venture capital firm Windrose Capital has set aside $30 million out of its Next Billion Fund for specifically for early stage start-ups. Windrose Capital has invested in several companies till now and made exits from four.


Windrose investments are sector agnostic and focus on spaces such as financial inclusion, smart mobility, logistics, electric mobility, Internet-of-Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning, healthtech and agritech, among others. Rohit Goyal, managing partner of Windrose Capital, in release said, “An investment from us is about more than just capital. We bring to businesses our operational expertise, a focused group of hands-on entrepreneurial advisors, and a supportive community. Windrose capital will allow you to focus on what you do best: go ahead and create value.”

Windrose Capital was founded in 2013 by Chinmay Kulkarni and Goyal. In an interview with Entrepreneur India earlier, Goyal spoke about the mission behind launching the fund. “It is the responsibility to find and back companies that are creating new economic realities.”

A Need for Home-grown Investors

Start-ups in today’s time are emerging and flourishing in India. With several successful start-ups, existing and potential Unicorns in India’s kitty, they are seen as the foremost hope to bolster India’s economic growth, create jobs and solve India’s fundamental problems in various sectors.

The ratio of investors to start-ups in India is unbalanced due to which foreign investors’ intervention has increased. This is primarily why there is a need for home-grown venture capitalists, private equity firms and angel investors to pump capital in Indian start-ups.

Some of the well-known investments by the VC firm include mass market mutual fund distributor Nivesh.com, healthcare and logistics company Biddano and data services start-up Paper.VC. Commenting on the exits, Goyal in the statement added, “We believe that an exit is a fruitful exercise only when we can collectively pursue the creation of greater value from the outside, than the inside of their current company.”

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