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Not a creative genius? You don't have to be if you can find a product that's available to license.
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Think you have to come up with some brilliant technology to profit from it? Not so. Licensing may be the answer for you, and it's just gotten easier. With, an online technology transfer marketplace started last year by Craig Zolan, 31, you can search through lists of the latest technologies from top-notch research and development universities all over the world (hence the "U" in UVentures)-including such big-name schools as Cornell and Dartmouth.

There are about 75 institutions listing more than 5,800 technologies on the site-ranging from video and image searching to biotech and information technologies-available for browsing at no charge. Says Zolan, "It's difficult to pigeonhole the site into one specific technology."

So whether you're looking to license a completely new product or you have invented a nifty gadget that just lacks one component, New York City-based UVentures probably has what you need. The site also has a newsletter and a bevy of information on licensing and intellectual property.

Only when a successful licensing agreement has been reached between the licensor and licensee does UVentures charge a fee. "I'm assisting others in building their companies-whether large or small," says Zolan. "[You can] browse the site and say 'Wouldn't that technology be a great product? I could start a company based on that technology.'"

Put It To Use!

Here are a few of the 5,800-plus technologies you can find on, along with our ideas for putting them to use. But don't limit your imagination here-according to Nathan Graf, UVentures' manager of technology partners, no one can envision all the possible applications of a technology. Imagine what an entrepreneur could do!

Remote mechanical mirroring
Beyond virtual reality, this technology mimics sounds and vibrations to make a virtual experience-hang-gliding, for example-and allows the user to feel the wind and the stiffness of the hang glider. Could be developed into games or simulators.

Detection and tracking of moving targets
This software package, which detects and tracks moving targets, could be added into car navigation systems.

Holographic imaging
This real-time, high-res imaging system is used for 3-D profiling. It could be developed as a tool for medical diagnostics or mechanical design firms.

Personal identifier using hand-shape contour information
This technology makes for a great high-security product.

Intrusion Detection In Our Time (IDIOT)
A system of detecting computer hackers in real-time, this technology could be developed into a security system.

Analysis of denial-of-service attacks on TCP (SYNKILL)
With the influx of denial-of-service attacks on Web sites, this technology could be licensed by computer security consultants.

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