Leo Capital Dives Deep Into Founders and Their Business Sectors

The venture capital fund is a pre-series A seed level fund which invests in the technologies solving a large market problem.

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Rajul Garg, Managing Partner, Leo Capital, has been the founder of two billion dollar companies - Global Logic and Pine Labs. He is counted among the top 10 early stage investors from India.

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He started as an entrepreneur, later turned into an angel investor and ultimately established a venture capital in last 20 years. “I saw some liquidity from my startups and started investing my own money into the companies,” Garg says. He invested in 28 companies between 2010 and 2015, including Babygogo. At that point he decided to go big in the investment business and set up Leo Capital in 2017.  

Garg’s view of life is to be more in the present. “I like to think here in this moment how I can be most productive. So in my ideal state I would like to blank myself from everything else and be fully here in this moment. I feel if I can achieve that in every moment, in every hour that would come closest to my purpose,” he shares.

When asked about how he attained success, he says, “I do think when you look at any success including the companies I founded there definitely an element of topicality in the time they happened. A lot of different things come together to make a big company. There were so many points in the journey where the two companies could have totally shut down. Lot of ducks have to line up to make a company successful.”

Explaining his way of investing he says, “We examine if the company we are looking to invest in has the potential to grow into a large business in the next 5 to 6 years. We also do the deep analysis of the founders and the sector of the business.”

He says that most of his health-tech investments have worked out really well, for example HealthKart.

“Number One predictor of success for investment has been timing. Getting the timing right of why this makes sense to do it today is a very difficult part from an investment perspective and you often get it wrong as an investor,” Garg believes.

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