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PlanetHopper Becomes First Company To Sell a Franchise On eBay


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New York-PlanetHopper Inc., a real-time back-end wireless coupon provider announced it has started a unique and aggressive expansion that focuses on the sale of regional PlanetHopper franchises through eBay.

PlanetHopper is the first and only company of its kind to franchise its business model, and PlanetHopper is the first company ever to offer the sale of a franchise on eBay.

The company's goal is to expand as quickly as possible throughout the U.S. and abroad by franchising its business. PlanetHopper will provide the technology and infrastructure, and local franchise owners will provide a local touch and the local sales force necessary to sell PlanetHopper services across the U.S. and abroad.

President and founder Rachel Barenbaum noted, "I am extremely excited to auction PlanetHopper's franchise opportunities on eBay. This is our creative solution to the common start-up expansion dilemma. We need to expand nationally and grow locally-quickly-and we think that the best way to do this is to offer local incentives by offering local ownership of the product. What better way to do it than through eBay where we can find what the market will bear? This effort minimizes our costs and maximizes our return."

"This strategy makes us one of the most innovative wireless start-ups on the market," says chair Randy Ridenour. "We are boldly creating an entirely new start-up business model." -Business Wire

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