The Executive Selection: Sofitel SPA

We review one of the many exclusive therapies with healing benefits at Sofitel SPA, Sofitel The Palm.

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A visit to Sofitel SPA, Sofitel The Palm begins with almonds and apricots served alongside green tea in the spa’s reception area. It is a beautiful vast space featuring a comfy seating area and a number of small pools -which range from an icy cold pool to one heated at above 30 degreesin an idyllic Polynesian setting.

So Spa

A few minutes spent there can give you a glimpse of the quality of relaxation and rejuvenation you will feel after indulging in one of their services, and especially after the one called So Detoxed. So Detoxed consists of several different treatments –a seaweed bath, a stimulating body buff, an organic warm mud wrap, and a detox massage– which are all based on Voya, a spa brand specializing in luxury organic skincare products.

Source: Sofitel SPA, Sofitel The Palm

The combination of treatments is designed in a way that allows the skin-benefitting ingredients of Voya to eliminate toxins and excess fluids from your body. The process of detoxification and relaxation of stressed muscles is further enhanced due to the power of heat, since the whole treatment is performed on a quartz bed, that mimics the experience of lying on warm beach sand (in my case, it was a heated bronze) in order to help alleviate any kind of body pain. By the time your therapist starts massaging you, which is the fourth and final treatment, your body will be more responsive to the pressures into acupressure points, thus leading to immediate and optimum results.

Source: Sofitel SPA, Sofitel The Palm

However, this is just one of the many exclusive therapies with healing benefits at Sofitel SPA, Sofitel The Palm - let us know your experience. 

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