This Startup Makes Flight Travels Convenient

Airbus Bizlab-accelerated UUO Innovation makes ergonomically designed sleep pillows to make long-haul travel in economy class convenient

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Bengaluru-headquartered UUO Innovation Pvt. Ltd was founded by Pradipta Kishore Sahoo and Soham Narayan Patel while they were working with Airbus in the airframe department. They both found long-haul travel in economy class excruciating and wanted to solve this problem.

The duo earlier wanted to design comfortable seating for economy class passengers but getting permissions would have delayed the process, so they came up with napEazy, ergonomically designed pillows which have been patented by UUO Innovation.

The company was accelerated by Airbus Bizlab and received seed funding from them, said co-founder Patel. He added, “napEazy is developed with the objective of making travel and daily commute comfortable. The unique design of the pillow lets users rest their head and upper body in a variety of positions, including sideways and leaning forward.”

The product eliminates the risk of a fall while sleeping and it also has a small compartment to store travel essentials such as tickets, boarding pass and cellphone, among others.

Apart from flight travels, napEazy pillows can be used during air, car, train or bus travel and at home or office as a comfort accessory. 

The start-up aims to launch more comfort products in the travel segment. napEazy will launch globally on crowdfunding platforms KickStarter and IndieGoGo for pre-orders from March and plans to subsequently expand its reach across other e-commerce platforms.