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Sweaty Palms

Nervous about buying a handheld? Don't be-we'll walk you through it.

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Goodbye, Rolodex, desk calendar, appointment book and notepad. Hello, palmtop. If you don't have one, you've probably been tempted; if you have one of the original Palm Pilots or Windows CE devices, it may be a good time to upgrade. Keep in mind that more palmtops have invaded the market, so picking one has gotten more complicated. We'll guide you through their ups and downs, and help you answer the ultimate question-Palm or Pocket PC?

Palm Fronds

The Palm tree has sprouted new growth with the licensing of its OS to Handspring and Sony. While Sony's plans are still in the works, Handspring's Visor has already become a popular Palm item. Available in a no-cradle $150 (all prices street) Visor Solo version or a $250 Deluxe version with more memory and more iMac-ish colors to choose from, the Visor's strongest selling point is the Springboard system.

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