Industries Ready for Disruption, and the Leaders Disrupting Them

A disruptor is an entity that takes an industry by storm by providing a new way to access and deliver the goods that market wants and needs
Industries Ready for Disruption, and the Leaders Disrupting Them
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Most big industries have one prominent name that consumers associate as the dominant player in their spaces. Disruptors are companies that rattle the comfort of corporate giants, by solving consumer problems through unique ways. For the entertainment industry, Netflix proved to pioneer the disruption that has led to multiple new streaming platforms, all fighting over who can be the most disruptive. The taxi and limousine businesses were flipped on their side by ride-sharing app Uber. The hotel business got a lesson in humility when it lost droves of customers to home-sharing website AirBnB. There is one thing that all three of the aforementioned companies did successfully, and that is disrupt the market.

A disruptor is an entity that takes an industry by storm by providing a new way to access and deliver the goods that market wants and needs. Before Netflix was Blockbuster, but once consumers discovered the ease and variety of Netflix, Blockbuster, which was once too considered ahead of its time, soon became obsolete. Hotels have to find new ways to compete and offer value as consumers of the newer generation pursue alternatives where they can stay somewhere for less and have a one of kind experience. To be successful in this economy, producers need to give the consumer a unique service in a cost-efficient manner, while revolutionizing their respective industries. Here are six entrepreneurs using their companies as vehicles to disrupt their respective industries, and how exactly they are doing it.

Wearable Health Tech Disruptor: Dr. David Rabin, MD and PhD, Apollo Neuro

The first scientifically backed wearable of its kind, Apollo, has entered the health world kicking and screaming, which is ironic considering it is proven to increase relaxation. This wearable band will help users access meditative states by delivering gentle, layered vibrations to the skin. One thing that especially makes Apollo unique is that it not only targets but also controls the brain's response by using stimuli. The stimuli are the vibrations, and the response is your brain receiving signals telling it that you are safe. This is done by the careful balancing of the autonomic nervous system.

Additionally, Apollo is the only wearable that has been proven to improve heart rate variability, which is a key metric of health and recovery. There are currently several clinical trials, 500 long-time user case studies, as well as over 2,000 beta testers showing that Apollo’s benefits are consistent in the lab and the real world.  By the end of 2020, users can look forward to connecting Apollo to their Apple Health Kit.

Marketing Disruptor: Hugh Rees, Expose.Media

Hugh Rees, co-founder of Expose.Media, is a veteran of the IT world but for the past several years has been focusing his talent on pioneering new ways to succeed in e-commerce and digital marketing, specifically focusing on helping brands master organic Instagram growth. In 2018, Rees won the ‘Marketing Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ and was voted in the top 100 entrepreneurs of the year in his home country of Australia. The goal of Rees and his company is to help small businesses compete with and disrupt ‘top dogs’ that are known globally. Hugh and his fellow Expose Media co-founders are obsessed with getting good results as well as taking on a challenge.

Their company brand has built a reputation for siding with brands that may be considered underdogs, and using their proprietary digital marketing strategies to achieve success. Rees has a very mathematical mind in addition to his 15 years of IT experience. The combination of these two attributes have proven to be a lethal duo for him as they allow him to see trends in data that many others are not capable of seeing. Expose Media has seen so much success in its Australia branch that they are now taking their business global and opening a new stateside base in Austin, Texas. Aside from winning awards for their constant ability to innovate, Expose Media is ranked in the top 5 per cent of Facebook media buyers globally.

CryptoCurrency Disruptor: Benedetto Salanitro, 8Pay.Network

Benedetto Salantitro is the CEO of 8Pay, a company disrupting the crypto source world by making what was once a very niche market readily available to the average consumer. When it was first released, crypto seemed like a very complex way of payment that was meant for those who are technologically savvy. However, thanks to the vision of 8Pay, that is no longer the case.

Since the crypto market is so young, and 8Pay is so forward thinking, they actually had to create their own unique infrastructure in order to obtain their end goal. 8Pay created a way to allow their clients to set up recurring payments, manage recurring payments and even manage payroll with just a few simple clicks, just as they would be able to with a debit card. The money then comes from smart contracts clients signs and pays via 8Pay. The company decided to step up and take charge of their industry by allowing crypto currency to be a pay option for the many, not just a select few.

Plastic Surgery Disruptor: Dr William Schwarz, 305 Plastic Surgery

305 Plastic Surgery is disrupting the plastic surgery world by providing a hands-on service that clients love. It is based in Miami, Florida and though it is a young clinic, it already has been crowded by new clients. The surgeons have over 20 years of experience in plastic surgery and still have a passion for it. The staff at 305 is very dedicated to ensuring their client satisfaction, as well as seeing each client from start to finish and making sure they feel cared for every step of the way.

For 305 Plastic Surgery, the goal is not just to receive payment from the client, but an opportunity to change their life for the better by the confidence gained from each procedure. They have managed to stand out in a highly competitive industry by focusing on trends that are important to their clients, as well as always remaining on the forefront of technologies available in their industry.

Real Estate Disruptor: Kristin Cripps,

A woman who has the power to do it all, Kristin Cripps has recently blown the roof off of all traditional ways to approach the real estate market. She has proven to be an extreme disruptor by doing something most investors and successful real estate entrepreneurs never do, and that is giving away the trade secrets that helped her achieve incredible results. Kristin is no stranger to struggling herself, at one point she held three jobs just to make ends meet.

Rather than hoarding secrets that turned her life around, Kristin is sharing them to help others change how they live their lives by increasing their access to capital, changing their mindset, and helping her clients follow a tested path to living a life of abundance. She has numerous social media accounts and updates nearly all of them daily, always sharing new tips and encouraging her tribe to remember that today, not tomorrow is the day to invest in real estate if you want to change your life. One key component to which she credits her success is learning how to profit from her passion, and helping people get in the right mindset to succeed.

Beauty Industry Disruptor: Camille Chulick, Averr Aglow

In a market full of pretenders, Averr Aglow’s founder, Camille Chulick’s authenticity is a disruptive breath of fresh air. Camille was tormented by cystic acne for 16 years. During her battle, she tried it all, including extreme diets, supplements, and even birth control but all to no avail. She got so fed up with constant disappointment in products and even doctors that she decided to do her own research.

Her skincare was never meant to be a brand; she just needed to find a solution that worked for her. Soon after she started her own regimen, friends started asking for the products. In her kitchen, Camille and her husband Levi began Averr Aglow, a brand that is centered on using multiple, natural ingredients rather than the few common key ingredients in numerous other skincare products. So far, Averr Aglow has helped over 30,000 women improve their skin and they are continually helping more.

Internet Marketing Disruptors - Steve & Evan Tan, SuperTanBros

Gaining notoriety for being able to scale brands from nothing to seven figures, in a matter of days, Evan and his brother Steve Tan, known throughout the growing e-commerce world as The Super Tan Brothers, have continued to disrupt digital marketing throughout their 13 year career as digital entrepreneurs and instructors.

The Tan Brothers claim to notoriety is that they were some of the early pioneers of bringing their informational content to live audiences around the world.  Before that, most information was only available online, and that information was usually outdated or unreliable. Their courses are one of the very few that are officially vetted and verified by Shopify, which is one of the most popular and fastest growing platforms used by digital entrepreneurs.

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