CxO Self-Care Bible

With worldwide spreading out of numerous organizations, supervisory at the top is being exhausted with amplified work stress. Embodiment of remedial routine habits and reform oneself into an improved workplace you

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Living in a suitcase, surviving on four hour sleep and power-naps at airports, dinner at 2 am, frequently adjusting to different time zones–as one climbs the career ladder as an entrepreneur, CXO or business head, her/his attention to mental and physical well-being takes a back seat. The obsession to stay ahead of the curve in the hyper-competitive market scenario takes the attention away from self-care. When life is on the fast track, affording luxuries becomes easier than squeezing in me-time. But no matter how intimidating it appears to be, one has to incorporate self-care in her/his daily routine if s/he wishes to extend her/his career and stay at the peak of her/his effective and prolific self. After all, life is all about prioritizing things which are healthy. Here are some thumb rules to manage one’s health and well-being when long working hours becomes the new normal.


Recharge Yourself Regularly

When eight hours of sleep become a luxury, why not choose one or two days in a week to compensate for the bedtime deficit? One must give importance to sleep to rejuvenate one’s body and soul. In addition, taking refuel breaks during the day in the form of going for a walk, having lunch away from the workstation are some practical tips. During travel time, one can go for a relaxing foot massage before boarding a flight to revitalize oneself.

Unplug Technology

Although staying connected is a bona fide success sutra, one must know when to cut the cord from technology and focus inward on one’s inner self. At a time where responding to mails and calls have become inevitable, opting for digital detox is a challenge. Having said that if one can cut down their screen time during travel or spare time; it will go a long way to declutter your mind. 

Say No Whenever and Wherever Possible

It’s an eternal rule for survival but one tends to forget the power that is attached to the practice while going through the professional grind. Let me assure you that saying No is not at all counter-productive in the time of cutthroat competition. In fact, that mindset gives you an opportunity to regroup mentally and physically. Cutting down or postponing unimportant meetings can work wonders in terms of enhancing your energy-levels, focus and productivity.

Stretch, Bend, Walk, Run and Sweat

Placing optimum importance to health and fitness is at the heart of self-care. Be it Elon Mask of Tesla or Aditya Ghosh, CEO, India & South Asia, OYO, the secret to their longevity is self-care through fitness and workout. Fitness puts you in a happy space- mentally and physically. 

No Compromise on Healthy ‘Me’ Time

‘Me’ time is the time when you disconnect from the outside world to nourish yourself emotionally and spiritually. You can meditate. You can pursue a hobby. You can do whatever you like provided that it is not related to your work. It will help you revive, get a better perspective in life and develop a positive attitude.

Nourishment Through Healthy Food

While chasing deadlines and managing teams one needs to strike a nutritious balance in the food intake. Self-care is incomplete if the quality and frequency of food intake are not factored in. It’s necessary to be at the peak of your energy level throughout the day to lead your business. And energy comes from good health. One way to nourish your health is to add functional foods to your daily diet plan. Functional foods with natural ingredients offer you wellness beyond basic nutrition. Milk with Vitamin D, probiotic gummies, orange juice with omega-3 fatty acids. will keep you recharged throughout the day. Self-care is about developing health daily rituals. For instance, taking Amla juice every morning will strengthen your immunity or apple cider vinegar with a glass of water will boost your overall wellness.

In a nutshell, one has to be in sync with one’s body and mind to get more out of one’s professional and personal life. And self-care is the only way to achieve that. Mental, physical and emotional well-being creates the base for impactful leadership.