The 2020 Dubai World Cup Is Coming: Here's How You Can Dress To Impress At The World's Richest Race Day

Try out a new pocket square, invest in a daring tie, style your look with braces, or you could even go all out with a smart hat this year.

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If you’re anything like us, Saturday 28th March is highlighted in your calendars. Need a reminder why? It’s the 2020 Dubai World Cup! 

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It’s one of the world’s biggest race days and a social spectacular. With all eyes on the Meydan Racecourse, it’s time for meetups and marvelous times. But that also means all eyes on your outfit as well– so we can’t afford to get it wrong.

As fashion designer Tom Ford once said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” So, it’s time to follow through and plan your style. “But how can I dress to impress at the Dubai World Cup?” you ask. Well, if you want to pick a winner, then let’s go with perfect tailoring as a sure-fire way to get over the line in first place.


“Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve felt comfortable in a suit. It all started when my mom bought me a three-piece Pierre Cardin suit. I wore that thing everywhere.” So said American actor and filmmaker Paul Feig. At the World Cup, opting for a smart suit instead of a more casual chinos and blazer combo is a bold, memorable move. Make sure the said suit is a three-piece. Turning up in your regular suit means you risk potentially looking like you rushed to the races straight from the office. A three-piece number turns it up a notch, and your regular suited style is transformed. As with any suit purchase, taking the time (or relying on your dedicated tailor) to select premium matching fabrics and getting superior bespoke garments is a must– especially for such a special occasion. Who knew standing out in a crowd was as simple as adding a waistcoat? And if you want to really go all-out, the races are an opportunity to flex the top hat and tails look.


“There would be more joy in life if we were to accustom ourselves to use all the beautiful colors we can in fashioning our own clothes.” Those are words said by poet and playwright Oscar Wilde, and that’s a good thing to remember as you plan your look for the World Cup. Light colors have to be forgone at many formal events as they’re seen as too summery. But at the races, bring them on! You can get away with wearing lighter hues –and look great as you do– at the Dubai World Cup. Mixing lights and darks is all systems go, as you spend all day outside watching the horses. Also, white or cream chinos with a navy blazer, for instance, is a tried and tested classic go-to. If you want to choose something a little different (because life is too short to blend in, after all) may we recommend beige tailored trousers with a burgundy or a dark blue single-breasted jacket? Voila!

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Fashion designer Michael Kors said: “The perfect accessory can make the difference between looking blah, and totally to die for.” And we’re talking about the World Cup: this isn’t just any old event, and it’s not the time to play it safe. It’s one of the most spectacular days of the year- so, to honor this fact, go bold with designer accessories or statement pieces. It’s not going to be unusual to see a little extravagance everywhere you turn, so don’t be afraid to dial it up. As women have fun dressing up in opulent, attention-grabbing hats, it’s only fair you join in on the fun and make a statement, too. When it comes to ensembles for men at the races, bold fabric is definitely allowed. Bright shades, an eye-catching print, an interesting texture– you name it, you’re allowed to explore your groove at the races. Try out a new pocket square, invest in a daring tie, style your look with braces, or you could even go all out with a smart hat this year. Just shy away from a walking cane, okay? Our aim is to look suave and sophisticated, so let’s steer clear of anything that could be deemed fit for a fancy-dress/costume party.

So, to wrap things up: if you’re going in a suited direction, make it a three-piece design. Secondly, when it comes to color palette, it’s fine to mix shades of light and dark on this occasion. And thirdly, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Now, off to the races we go!

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